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THE LAST LOOK a horror adventure

The Last Look smalltown

Imagine the horror of waking up after a work party, being locked in a rundown bathroom. You have no idea where you are but you can hear strange voices echo through the door. And you realize pretty soon, no help is coming.

Equipped with your mind as your only weapon, you have to find a way out, before someone or something might find you.

Goth Girl Mary Ann

The game mixes up strong atmospheric horror with clever, logical puzzles as well as an enemy you should avoid at all costs.

Dynamic AI/no pre-scripted enemy

We have put a lot of effort into our artificial intelligence. You can encounter it anywhere at anytime, making it nearly impossible to calculate where it will search for you next.

Believable characters, rooted in reality

A focus on telling you a thrilling and twisted story

Rich, detailed world that begs you to explore it

Varied game setting from indoor to outdoor

The Vanitas Hallway

Gameplay Overview

  • -Demanding puzzles
  • -Realistic female lead character
  • -Creative, fresh story
  • -Dynamic health system
  • -Innovative, not pre-scripted AI
  • -Humor...sometimes

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First of all we wanted to thank all of our supporters.

Thanks to you, we have made it into the Top 100 of Steam Greenlight. You're amazing!

We also want to introduce you to Mary. You will encounter her early in The Last Look. Mary is your typical 90's goth teenage girl and is also trapped in the house alongside Alice. More or less willing, Mary accompanies Alice on her journey, while searching for her sister which might be in the same situation than her.

Marys Portrait

Marys portrait in the game

"By the looks of her, I'm glad we're not related.

I guess she is the sister of the accounting clerk.

I've seen her waiting in the office one or two times."

Alice thoughts on Marys portrait


Early concept of Mary Ann


Final version of Mary's ingame model

Visit our greenlight page:


Gameplay showcase

Gameplay showcase


The German YouTuber Lunä plays The Last Look demo.

Vote for us if you want to play

Vote for us if you want to play


The Last Look Update: Greenlight and feedback discussion on Steam.

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