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Eagarlnia is a fantasy world of sword and magic.

Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead and Dwarves have established a colorful land on this continent.

In addition to the collision of steel and blood on the battlefield, there is also the interweaving of magic and miracles, which makes all players have different experiences in this magical world.

On the land, there are 23 forces with different styles. Players can choose one side as their ruler. Through internal affairs management, development of strength, diplomatic games, battlefield, adventure in the city and other ways to make themselves constantly strong

The game is designed with 225 heroes, who can be obtained by visiting, lobbying and captivating. Some of these heroes have unparalleled wisdom, some are brave, some are insidious, some are despicable. Flexible application of their ability, you can become a qualified ruler. Many special heroes have their own special artifact, which can only be unlocked by completing their own task line.

In the game, 55 kinds of arms are also designed. The way to win is to match and arrange reasonably. There are also many powerful special arms; just incarnation - Kanu swordsman, temple guard - shining knight, magic peak - Lorin wizard and so on. These special arms need to reach certain conditions to unlock.

We are currently working on English and Japanese localization of the game and we'll consistently update our community page on Steam and our publisher discord: Discord.gg do wishlist us or join our discord to find out more closed group play test we'll be holding if you'd like to join and give feedback.

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News Blast week 8/31


For this week's development updates, we continue to focus on optimizing localized English and Japanese versions, hopefully will be able to get out a multilingual demo to some players and get more feedback in a week or so:

(sorry for the images being still based on the Chinese version of gameplay - we'll be updating them soon once localization is done!)
1. Enhanced visualization by adding fog feature allowing you to see only closeby allies and neighboring cities.
2. Expanded map range and optimized visuals utilizing the fog feature
3. Minimized interface for hero command to allow for information overload to players
4. Adding a shortcut window for mission control
5. Optimized supporting info for front row soldiers at battle
6. A new soldier "type" for Ianlerner tribe - an elvan knight
7. Adding two new tribe powers (English naming still in process)
8. A new archipelago city is added to the map of Eagarlnia
9. Wizard damage capability increased 20%
10. New effect of "burning" (when attacking target, creates extra damage)
11. Naval soldiers type change from archers to warriors

Finally, we finally took time to set up some useful links with our publisher, the goal is to build a community for Eagarlnia and get some feedback and comments by our community:

Youtube: Youtube.com

Discord: Discord.gg

Twitter: Twitter.com


game is good but it would be also good if we can make mods for it, like new character art

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