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The gods have abandoned us, the nahuals have ravaged our land and you didn't have a proper breakfast.

Let's do some puzzles! Let's play some minigames! Accomplish your destiny!

The end is nahual: If I may say so is a game about nothing.

Okay look I'm not going to get into spoiler territory, but that is the gist of it, even though you are mostly made out of nothingness that is filling every space between the atoms inside you, being part of you, consuming you, forcing you to read this, forcing you to change... Is that not a reason enough to be scared? What will you do with that knowledge? Will you embrace it or reject it? Should we do something about it? or do what we're mostly filled with? Nothing...

I mean, even if you're a bunch of something... Does the empty space matter less? It's less matter, but does it matter less? Does the space between the letters matter less than the words themselves? Let's just show you an example, can you read and define the following text:


Okay... Did you understand it? most of you probably didn't and you know why? Lack of empty space... see my point?

So anyway, a witch fleed after trying to kill the nahual queen, I mean she failed, but who hasn't failed to kill a nahualic queen, a relatable thing to which anyone, even Steve can relate...

Then there is this nahual princess called Sammael, which doesn't use her original name anymore, she wants to feel safe, she wants to obliterate humanity because we have been naughty, or you know at the very least, just become really hard to kill, which will help her too...

...And Jacob.

They'll talk with you, they'll ask you how your day was, and not care too much about it, and they'll follow your lead, you will be the enabler in their stories, you'll help them get to the end and I will know if you did, steam has an achievement percentage public to everyone, at least get one of them.

Fight anything from trash bags to evil spirits, solve puzzles with puns, evade piñata's sticks, and use literally nothing to win.

Okay, so we could divide the game into three sections:

  • Puzzle ones:

    In the first one, you would get challenged by puzzles, like weird ones, like combining the (speed of light)² with something else, I don't remember well as I haven't played the game yet, I'm from the marketing team... Also, use some salsa for motivation or accept your actual value in this world and use it to your advantage.

  • Action ones:

    In this section, you'll have to evade projectiles and stabs unless you want or need to be hit, then do what you want...

    Counter attacks, use your hips, destroy your spacebar

  • Visual Novel threes:

    For the visual novel aspect, you'll either have to read it or skip it, the choice is yours.

  • Get to the end:

    Get to the end.

  • Get to the end:

    Get to the end.

  • Get to the end:

    Get to the end.

  • At the very least defeat the trashbags:

    We will know... we always know...

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When I was a boy, I bought a steam bundle of games, it was a bundle of star wars games, for like 10USD from that time, and I first thought, cool, hope that I play some of that games later, but then a realization occurred in my head, the realization organ <unless you're the horned one> people make this game, and given the industry conditions now, back then was probably a little bit worse, probably... I wasn't there, some of those people lost a marriage, someone divided their own families, some of them got sick, some of them knew that some of the game got bugs, but it didn't matter, the boss wanted to fulfill that Christmas deadline...

Desktop 7 15 2020 7 46 26 PM 441

And I bought that, I didn't buy the franchise they were working on, I didn't buy the dream of some executive of making some cash, I bought their work... for like 10 bucks... one-third of their life during the development, I know it's more especially during crunch, but let's say 1/3... and that number stuck into me...

Desktop 7 15 2020 8 32 59 PM 289

A little bit before that I thought, I'm not going to make a buck as a game or movie composer in Mexico, I had ideas and I said: "I want to write, I want to do pixel art, I want to compose, I didn't want to program" But at last, I programmed almost all of my game... I tried everything to make this shit happen...

Desktop 10 1 2020 5 03 08 PM 259

I didn't know how to sell feet picks or pick heavy stuff, so I started composing music for some projects that scrapped my work, later on, doing some pixel art commissions and asking for government disability funds, which are given in Mexico, I was disabled for free, I might as well receive some money for it, some loan from my grandparents, after all of that I got like 15K dollars, we started working on it, a lot of people worked with us, but it wasn't going to be enough to finish this...

Game over catrina3

So we started a Kickstarter, and it failed, tried to go to publishers, but it wasn't either good enough for them, or outside of their portfolio, so they didn't know how to market it, the pandemic started, I got sad, I seek medical help, I got better, and as a joke, I sent my project to Microsoft, we got some funding, we're paying our bills with that money, and I did the unthinkable, I finish my game...

Dancing Axtlan Queen

A 10-year journey from where I thought I'm going to make a game until I have the means to make it, it launched on Xbox one, and now we're going to release it to STEAM...

Intro Gif

Do you remember the 10 bucks that I talk you about? Well the game last like 10 hours, more if you're trying to get all the endings, and for 10 bucks, you can get the full range of emotions that I lived during that period of time, one buck for every year that I didn't know what I was doing, and one buck for every consequential year, until I knew, kinda, what I was doing... unless I launch the game with a discount... then you'll be paying less than a buck for it...

SCREENSHOTS 0053 Captura de pant

Tutorial Temple

Okay, I got tired see ya...


Okay, the writer is gone.

So now that you're here you might ask what's the game about? Well, I don't know, I'm from the marketing team and I haven't played the game, but it seems pretty okay, the writer got bored and now the extensive marketing team is trying to finish this... So yeah see our steam page... And please Wishlist our game, even if you don't want to, we are the marketing team... We're out...




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