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Behold, the miracle of life… packed into cubes! Create fantastic creatures in an open-world sandbox game like no other. Explore, craft, and survive — all with the help of your very own creations.

Create life, block by block…

Bring living, breathing creatures to life in any size, shape, or combination you can imagine. Whether you build tiny pets or enormous abominations, they’ll all have genuine personalities and feelings that respond to your actions and the world around them. One may be smiling at you, eager to be your new best friend, while another may snarling at you and giving you stink-eye. The latter has most likely decided that you look delicious, so maybe you should run?

Give your creatures unique traits and abilities…

Lifeblocks have different stats and abilities built into them. Some are strong, some are fast, some shoot blinding ink, some poison enemies…they can all be used to your advantage to make creatures more effective. A creature with a strong beak can chop down trees more quickly than you can. And you’ll definitely want a creature with a water-blast ability with you while you explore that dragon’s cave… unless you like being on fire?

Work with your creatures to scavenge, craft, and build…

Your creatures will help you gather resources in order to craft a wide array of tools, items, and structures. Collect unique lifeblocks to upgrade your creatures with new abilities. Build a homestead to protect them from thieving poachers. Start a farm to grow crops so you don’t go hungry. The better resources you have, the better the things you can craft, so you’ll need to scavenge if you like that whole “staying alive” thing.

Fight for survival as you explore a mysterious island…

The world around you is teeming with life, some friendly and some… not-so-friendly. You’ll need to work together with your creature companions to survive the many dangers of CHKN, avoid starvation, and defend your thriving homestead. There are three-headed dragons to fight and poachers to defeat. There are secret caves to explore, beaches to roam, and lush valleys to scavenge. There are also other, more mysterious things to discover but, you know, SPOILERS.

Get creative…

If the risk and survival of Adventure Mode aren’t your thing, you can spend your time in Creative Mode. Here you’ll have an unlimited supply of every lifeblock and resource at your fingertips, so you can experiment and create whatever you like from the beginning with no restrictions. You won’t have to kill four dragons to see what it’s like to have a creature with 12 fire-breathing heads. (Hint: It’s pretty great.)

Bring your friends…

If you want to survive island life as a group, or collaborate on a giant creature with a few of your buddies, you can open your game up for multiplayer. Invite your friends to join you in any mode, and see what you can accomplish together. Or maybe you prefer to set up different homesteads and compete for resources to see who comes out on top? It’s up to you.

Multiplayer Disclaimer: The current version is an early alpha so it may not work for some of you and there will be bugs. If you want to give it a go to help us test and share your feedback, you can try it out using these instructions. Thanks!

Help us make CHKN great…

We’re just beginning with CHKN and we’d like to involve you in this journey as much as possible! Our development is completely open, so you can see what we’re working on, comment and vote on what you’d like to see added, and share your ideas with us in the discussion forums. Here are just a few of the things coming soon to CHKN:

  • All new, larger island: 5 different biomes, new places to explore, and 2 additional creature types
  • Survival progression: get stronger and build more powerful creatures as you explore more of the island and accomplish various tasks
  • Creature-powered structures: 3 new buildings that put your creatures to work turning raw materials into better resources
  • Mysteries to unlock: what are those mysterious beams of light shooting into the sky? Find them and unlock their secret!
  • Improved multiplayer: find friends and connect more easily with Steam Matchmaking
  • Additional content: new flying ability, tiered crafting recipes, high energy foods
  • And more, of course!


For press inquiries please contact heychkn@katapultstudio.com.

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newcatriding may2018

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while! We’ve been in active development on quite a few new things for CHKN and it’s finally time to start getting player feedback! Please help us out by playing our work-in-progress build that’s now up on the Pre-Release branch. (GET INSTRUCTIONS HERE!) Thank you!!

There’s some info below on what’s new in this update and we’ll also be doing a livestream Friday, May 18 @ 3:30pm EST to show everything off! Come hang out with us!

New on Pre-Release

  • Arena Update & Bug Fixes: New abilities for you to try out in battle. Use the new arena glossary to see which Life Blocks you need to use in your creature to unlock each ability. Here are a few examples. Discover the rest by playing the Pre-Release!
    • Sample “ability” combos:
      • Crab legs + Crab shell blocks = Hunker Down (armored force field)
      • 2 Mech Dino eyes = Laser Eye
      • Chicken comb = Squawk Stun
      • Cat legs + Cat tail = Teleport Vanish
      • 50% Cat blocks = Nine Lives (automatic revive)

newabilities may2018

Hunker Down and Laser Beam in action! Try different abilities out against each other. (You can also see the revamped Crab and Mech Dino in this shot!)

Check out streamer BrettUltimus battling some Pokemon replica creatures in the Arena.

winggust may2018
Use Wing Gust to blow your enemies away… if you can hit them.

  • All New Adventure Mode (In Progress)
    • A new map, new quest system, and new progression! Inspect wild creatures and collect their abilities to help you and your creatures survive.
    • This is early in-progress work so there’s missing art, incomplete UI, temporary copy, and other unfinished things, but we’d love to hear what you think so far.


Use your new binoculars to inspect wild creatures from afar.

See some of the abilities in action and how to discover them in Adventure Mode.

  • Creature Builder Overhaul
    • New Life Block panel and filters, updated UI, some new stats added, plus a new Move Tool that lets you move whole chains of blocks around on your creature. (No more deleting a bunch of work and starting over.) Try it out and let us know what you think!

newcreaturebuilderchicken may201New Creature Builder! (UI in progress.)

  • Creature Collections
    • My Creations: Creatures you’ve built
    • Discovered/Bestiary: Creatures you’ve observed/discovered in Adventure Mode
    • Workshop: Creatures you’ve subscribed to in Steam Workshop, plus browse all creatures in Steam Workshop to see what’s new and subscribe to more
    • Favorites: Your favorite creatures from any of the previous lists
    • Browse the new creature collection to see all types of creatures found in CHKN.

creaturecollection may2018

Things to note about this build:

  • This version is Windows only for now. We’re working on getting the other platforms soon.
  • Multiplayer isn’t available on Pre-Release at the moment because of the new Adventure Mode. It’ll be back in a future update.

We Need Your Feedback

TELL US YOUR FEEDBACK HERE! Our goal is to get these new & updated features out to everyone on the main live branch. We’ll be updating our progress on Pre-Release every couple weeks until it’s ready, so we need all your testing and feedback to help us get there! Please tell us things like:

  • How’s the new Creature Builder?
    • Is it easier to build what you want?
    • How about moving around parts of your creatures?
    • Is there anything you’d change to make building better?
  • Do you like the new creature abilities?
    • What new abilities were your favorite in the Arena?
    • Were there any you didn’t like and why?
    • Did you have fun experimenting?
  • Do you like the new Adventure Mode we have in progress?
    • Are the new quests clear? Even though it’s in progress, did you understand what you were supposed to do?
    • Did you get through all the quests or did you get stuck anywhere?
    • Is there anything you’d add or change about it?
  • Do you put pineapple on pizza or is that an abomination?
    • Okay this one isn’t really on topic but we’re curious anyway.

You can answer any of the questions above or leave any other feedback you have for us on the Pre-Release forums. Thank you!

Patch Notes [v0.6.1]

For those of you curious about everything that’s been updated in this build, here are the full patch notes.


  • Creature Ability System overhauled
    • Now supports granting abilities based off of Life Block makeup and construction of your creature (type of blocks used, how many, where they’re placed on a creature, etc.)
    • Browse abilities in the new Abilities Glossary
    • Assign abilities to a creature’s Ability Bar. The creature AI will use those abilities, or use them yourself by taking direct control of the creature.
    • Added new abilities to the system! Discover them in Adventure Mode or test them on new creatures in the Arena.
      • Egg Missile
      • Teleport Vanish
      • Hunker Down
      • Laser Eye
      • Squawk Stun
      • Tail Strike
      • Feather Storm
      • Nine Lives
  • Animal art updates! 5 animal types have been completely revamped with new art and blocks.
    • Chicken
    • Cat
    • Crab
    • Mech Dino
    • Dog
    • More coming in the next update! (Snake, Pig, Cow, and more)
  • Creature Builder overhauled
    • New Move Tool added. Move whole sections of your creature or remove them completely.
    • New Life Block browser for faster, easier selection; plus filter by animal type
    • Updated stats section with some new stats added
    • Updated hotkeys for quick tool swapping (add, move, camera focus, and grid toggle)
    • Updated highlighting to more easily tell where blocks can be placed, which ones you’re selecting to move/delete, etc.
  • New Creature Stat system implemented: new stats added, more stats made visible to players, and all stats tuned for consistency
  • Creature XP system added so creatures can progress through Adventure Mode
  • Creature Stress system added
    • New stat bar added to Bonded creatures representing Stress
    • Stress increases during combat or work
    • If it reaches 100%, the creature will become Stressed and other stats are penalized
    • Playing with creatures reduces their Stress so take good care of them!
  • Animation System Improvements
    • Support for front and back legs
    • Support for arms
    • Improved performance
    • Better quality tracking
    • Improved consistency for striking
    • Basic creature swimming added


  • Adventure Mode is back!
    • Try out an early version of the new Adventure Mode in progress!
    • All new on-boarding to teach the ins and outs of CHKN.
    • New storyline: After being shipwrecked, you’ll need to craft items and build creatures to help you survive, then explore the island to discover wild creatures and learn their abilities for your own creatures, all while trying to save the world. No biggie.
    • New progression and balancing: new wild creatures, tweaks to stats and combat, crafting recipes changed, new XP and Lifeshaper upgrade system in progress, etc.
    • Note: Copy and quest steps aren’t final and much of the art is “greybox”
  • Binoculars & Bestiary Added
    • Use the binoculars to observe wild creatures from afar to learn their stats, info, and abilities and log them in your Bestiary.
    • Once observed, those creature’s abilities are then unlocked for use in your own creatures.
  • New Notification System added
    • Get notifications and some quick info about new items you pick up or things you discover in the world.
    • Get updates about completed or new objectives
  • New Quest System Added
    • Track your objectives in Adventure Mode. On-boarding quests give way to story quests as you progress through the Adventure.
  • New Journal added
    • Inventory menu expanded to a full Journal, with multiple tabs for new and existing functionality. Find everything you need in CHKN in this Journal.
    • Current status of each tab:
      • Character: Shows your armor, stats, and inventory (Currently using the old system while we finish this tab)
      • Crafting: Will house the new crafting menu. (Currently blank while we complete this system. Go to Character to craft for now!)
      • Bonded Creatures: Overhauled to provide more information about your bonded creatures.
      • Objectives: Keep track of things to do in the world. Only available in Adventure Mode. (a.k.a. quests!)
      • Bestiary/Creature Collection: Shows only your Bestiary in Adventure Mode. Otherwise, see the full Creature Collection including all creatures you’ve created, your favorites, your Workshop subscriptions, and browse the full Workshop.
      • Map: Find important things in the world. (Currently not finished. Use the binoculars (E) to set waypoints.)
      • Help: A list of topics if you need help while playing CHKN.
  • Dialogue System added: The game can display messages to you as part of the story.

Items & Crafting

  • Cooking Cleaver Added
    • Striking life blocks generates raw meat
    • Striking fruit generates seeds
  • Crafting recipes changed for new Adventure Mode progression (new crafting menu and workbenches coming soon)

Fancy Art

  • New environment art! New trees, updated bushes with new fruits, better grass, more foliage added to environments, etc.
  • VFX added for new abilities
  • Trail effects added on existing strike abilities
  • Fur Shaders added to dog and cat
  • Post Processing adjusted to be visually pleasing

Bugs & Optimization

  • Added Texture Streaming for improved memory performance and improved visuals
  • Added auto quality detection to optimize the settings based off of PC specs
  • Various changes throughout the UI
  • Foliage rendering system changed to remove floating bugs and improved visuals
  • Rough support for Map added

Creature Contest Coming Soon

We’d love to see what you guys can do with the revamped creature Life Blocks so we’ll be holding another Creature Creation Contest in the Workshop! Keep a look out for an announcement with the build rules and theme early next week.


Livestream Today!

We’ll be back on Twitch and YouTube this afternoon—Friday, May 18 @ 3:30pm EST—to show you all this new stuff in progress and answer any questions. Come hang out with us!

If you can’t make the stream, don’t forget you can also sign up for our Newsletter to keep up on the latest CHKN news.

We hope you like the new build! We’ve got more to do so it’s back to work for us. See you on the stream!

- Team CHKN

Design a Boss for CHKN!

Design a Boss for CHKN!


Enter our boss design challenge! Your boss creature could be featured in a future game release.

CHKN v0.4.2: New Creature Building & Controls!

CHKN v0.4.2: New Creature Building & Controls!

News 1 comment

Creature building improvements, control updates, axe throwing, mounted combat, new potions... see what's new in CHKN v0.4.2!

CHKN v0.4.1: Creature AI Update is Here!

CHKN v0.4.1: Creature AI Update is Here!


Our latest update is now live! Check out the smarter creature AI, new senses, life-like animations, & a bunch more.

New Creature AI Up on Pre-Release!

New Creature AI Up on Pre-Release!


Preview the updates coming to CHKN in August. Plus, testers wanted! Send us feedback and help us find bugs by grabbing the latest build on Pre-Release.

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CHKN Demo - WIN32 v0.0.52

CHKN Demo - WIN32 v0.0.52

Demo 40 comments

Many network bugs have been fixed. There is also an email signup prompt. By signing up for the newsletter you will be able to receive info on our upcoming...

CHKN Demo - WIN64 v0.0.52

CHKN Demo - WIN64 v0.0.52

Demo 20 comments

Many network bugs have been fixed. There is also an email signup prompt. By signing up for the newsletter you will be able to receive info on our upcoming...

CHKN Demo - Linux v0.0.52

CHKN Demo - Linux v0.0.52

Demo 2 comments

Many network bugs have been fixed. There is also an email signup prompt. By signing up for the newsletter you will be able to receive info on our upcoming...

CHKN Demo - Mac OS X v0.0.52

CHKN Demo - Mac OS X v0.0.52

Demo 7 comments

Many network bugs have been fixed. There is also an email signup prompt. By signing up for the newsletter you will be able to receive info on our upcoming...

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NEW updates!!!!!

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New Worlds and Creature Changes Come to CHKN in the Adventure Update


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