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Charoy's World is an immersive Action/Adventure RPG where the player takes control of a young girl named Charoy. Charoy lives in a world that is dangerous, intense, yet seemingly perfect for her. Players will jump, speed, and smash their ways through fast paced levels. Lurking behind these levels are forces which Charoy cannot even imagine facing alone. Join Charoy on her epic adventure to discover the world that revolves around her.


-Explore unique 2D levels with different challenges for Charoy to overcome.

-Collect Knick-Knacks and Toys for Charoy to play with.

-Uncover hidden locations in each level, some may tell stories....


-Bug the living hell out of the townsfolk with your adorable charm!

-Befriend or upset them and discover exciting consequences!


-Areas will feature challenges once the stages are complete.

- Like many games, ours has secrets as well!


- Perhaps a change in perspective is all one really needs to be happy.


Charoy- Charoy is the main character which you play as in the game. She is peppy, rambunctious, and curious about everything around her. Her most noticeable talent is running at high speeds and doing tricks other creatures like her can't do. What makes her so special?

Alkhan- Alkhan is a silent, yet humble King of his people. His courage and strength are almost unrivaled in all the land. Although, with his straightforward personality, you can't help but feel he is hiding something.

Bauss- Charoy's legal owner, Bauss is a man of little needs but big dreams. He wishes to be the most rich and famous man in his tiny little town. Competition is fierce but he has much faith in his most prized possession, Charoy.

You'll have to explore and find out the rest....


Release date? RELEASE DATE? RELEASE????


Will there be anything extra post-release.

Maybe. Depends how sales go.

Will there be a sequel?

Hell yeah

Will I need to put on my casual gamer cap for this game?

No. Take off your casual gamer cap and throw it into a fire.

How long will the game be?

The story will be about 3-5 hours. Theres a bunch of collectibles so you know how that goes. Relationships take time as well.


Sure. Just watch those feet though! She kicks like a mule!

Visit our site to learn more about the team!


Our Kickstarter was Live!

Unfortunately the fundraiser was is over and we did not meet our goal.

Do not fret! While we may be delayed we will not stop until it is released!

Help make Charoy a reality!


Coming Soon...

Charoy's World and Charoy were both created in 2016*

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Rapids (Plains Level) Musical Piece

Rapids (Plains Level) Musical Piece


Music scored by Mitch Henderson. Only in Beta. Feel free to download and listen. Please do not post without giving credit. Owned by Porque Games.

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May 11 2019

Hello all! Sorry for the silence! We've been up to a lot lately. Just applied for Epic MegaGrants in hope that we c… T.co

Apr 8 2019

We have a few had some slow weeks due to a Charoy revision. She may look a little different than what she used to.… T.co

Jun 28 2018

We currently have some images of Charoy in the works. Going to be part of a big campaign for getting her out there. Stay tuned!

May 21 2018

Work is underway to redo Charoy vision by Benjamin!

Apr 25 2018

Welcome to our newest members! Benjamin and Jacob!

Apr 25 2018

Currently looking at new recruits to strengthen our team once more!

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