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In The Dummy Experiment you are a test dummy subjected to a horrible experiment by a mad scientist, Dr. Strohmann. When you start up the game your goal is to pick a dummy of your choice.

On your way to the experiment the grappling hook (that picked up the dummy you chose) somehow loses grip. When the dummy’s feet reach the ground, the test dummy suddenly stands up. From here on, you are in control of the dummy. The narrator reacts surprised but motivate you (the dummy) to go for it and escape the facility.

As a dummy that just got his first experience in walking you use your balance to move away and escape the horrible experiment you were exposed to. Not only do you use this balance to get moving, but also in order to dodge objects and face obstacles that you will encounter.

While moving it is important to keep your balance so you won't fall over. Once you move you can't stop. Stay focused, and remember... Rushing around the terrain will only make it harder.

While Playing, you will:

  • “Simply” walk to your goal.
  • Get Frustrated.
  • Ask yourself why you are playing this.
  • Tell yourself that it is actually a pretty nice game.
  • Be satisfied once you reach a checkpoint.
  • Hear nice feedback from the narrator.

We advice you to play with a controller over keyboard as it may ease up the controls.

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5 Days, 10K downloads!


We are live for only 5 days and already we managed to get 10K downloads! We would like to thank everyone for the support and useful reviews. Our dummies would like to thank you for your support!

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