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Terroir is a winemaking business tycoon game that puts you in charge of your own chateau and vineyard. Choose from different grape varietals, craft a sumptuous wine through the different winemaking processes, organize tasting sessions with wine critics, sell your wine and build up a cellar of priceless vintages.

Build a winemaking empire by expanding your land and selling the rarest and most in demand wines. But remember this: making wine is as much about luck as it is about crafting. Terroir is a game where weather and soil wield huge power over your grapes, and you must use all your knowledge and resources to make up for the effects of nature's course.

We have just completed our Alpha testing phase, and are now working towards finishing a Beta before the last week of April.


Some of the additions you can expect in the final product include:

  • More soil types and weather effects
  • Season cycles
  • Vermin and pests
  • New farm equipment to improve productivity and quality
  • Permanent positive and negative effects on wine imparted during the crafting phase
  • Random objectives and challenges
  • CHANCE or CONSEQUENCE: once a year, player draws a card with a random event or mission

We're excited to share updates as we approach completion of the game, some time in the first half of 2017. We want to do things right: we'll be listening to your feedback as we release new updates, which we intend to use to help us make Terroir the tycoon game you won't want to miss.


We're just a bunch of passionate video gamers who are passionate about achieving our dream of creating video games people can be passionate about, with a passion for the little things that made us passionate about video games in the first place. We're pretty big on passion.

We're a team made up of a professional programmer and developer, a digital designer who specializes in UI, a writer with a background in digital media and film, a motion designer and an engineer. We're pretty motley. You could say we're a motley crew. But what we all share is a love of video games. We've been playing, modding and learning about video games since our childhood days, and we're combining our talents, skills and knowledge together like a Japanese anime giant mech robot to create games other people can escape to. We call ourselves General Interactive Co.

Mark: Creative Director & Co-Designer

Jenny: Programmer & Co-Designer

Pavel Novak: Lead 3D Artist

Cel: User Interface Designer & 2D Artist

Elliot Padfield: Animator

Farhan: Art Director

Raf: Illustrator and 2D Artist

We hope Terroir is a game you'll look forward to playing. We do this for you, after all. We simply can't do it without your support - so show us some love and give us a vote!

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Terroir has been in development for the past year and half, and now, General Interactive Co. is happy to announce that the winemaking tycoon game is launching on Steam Early Access on May 17, 2017. The game will be, by and large, feature complete, and will be receiving updates, new content and fixes as it makes its way to a full release by some time at the end of the year or early 2018.

The game will retail for $9.99, and is available in English and Simplified Chinese, with plans for French, Russian, Portuguese and Italian localization in the coming weeks.

The game's website, Twitter, Sub-Reddit and Steam Early Access Store Page has more information, including a list of features and gameplay footage.

Recording Terroir's Original Soundtrack

Recording Terroir's Original Soundtrack


Terroir's unique ambiance isn't just a visual thing - the game's original soundtrack plays a huge role in establishing a rural, relaxing feel. General...

Alpha Testing Done! Let's Get That Beta Built!

Alpha Testing Done! Let's Get That Beta Built!


After two weeks of alpha testing, we've got our sights set on building a much better Beta build. We're continuing to work on implementing more features...


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