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Terracore Adventures is a game currently under development by Play-Bit Entertainment, a small group of indie dudes down in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the classic 2D digging games of yesteryear and disappointed by the “me-to” nature of most games on Facebook. Terracore Adventures is a game that blends a mixture of arcade mining action with RPG elements like experience points and upgrading equipment. Please check back now and then to see the progress we make on this Game. We plan to release Terracore Adventures in August 2010.

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G'day! I wanted to take some time to write to the IndieDB community to introduce them to the team and project that Play-Bit Entertainment encompasses.

I’ve been browsing through the devs, games and developers here myself and it’s a great sight to see such a strong variety of Indies and studios working on all sorts of projects. The range of styles and genres a testament to the originality and diversity of the individuals that make up independent development.

So, to give an overview of myself and my team:

It was around halfway last year that I decided to jump the pond from corporate studio-based game development and try my hand at designing and producing some indie games. A primary lure for any designer is one of creative freedom and agile development. While you may be limited by the size and scale of the project as an indie, you have the ability to pursue any genre or subject that you wish to take-on, and at the same time you have to consider the business elements of game development if you desire to create a return on your investment [Your investment usually being time and money.]

I consider myself somewhat of an aspiring business indie. I want my games to be original and above all fun to play. But I also want the game to please the chosen markets target audience and make a reasonable return on efforts given and a profit. A lot of time last year was spent on small non-profit projects to get my skills up. And the first half of this year was spent on creating an iPhone game and taking a small course in business management.

And so on May 27th I officially started working in true earnest as an indie and opened the studio “Play-Bit Entertainment.” We’re currently so new we don’t have a website. [Working on it! :D ]Our team is complimented with two more talented individuals. We have a programmer by the name of Ben Britten. A dude with his fingers in many pieces of awesome-pie. You can check out his website escapeFactory.We also have a super talented artist on board, Joshua Wright. He comes from a graphic design and traditional arts background. You'll see his awesome artwork in the images section of this game. Let us know what you think of it!

To now talk a bit about my teams’ current project: Terracore Adventures

Our aim with developing Terracore Adventures is to create a simple and fun to play arcade mining game for Facebook. The player takes control of a prospecting Mole and uses their available air to dig deep into the earth in the hopes of striking it rich. Gems, gold and even rare artifacts can be uncovered through the gameplay mechanic of “Scan, Shine and Dig.” They’ll be multiple levels to explore, each with different location and gameplay themes and even an online leaderboard service for the more hardcore players out there.

We’re working with the Unity engine and distributing with dimeRocker. We’re currently in week 5 of development and aim to get this game to Facebook by mid to late August!

I’ll be making it my mission to update and keep you guys at IndieDB posted on the progress of Terracore at least once a week. Most likely falling on a Friday.

We’ll be doing a round of beta testing near the tail-end of the project as well so keep posted!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Watts
Play-Bit Entertainment

duartel - - 34 comments

Isn't this supposed to be released?
I see no download link.

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AishaLove - - 1 comments

Is this the same as the iPhone game of the same name. I'm pretty certain but wanted to ask and be sure.

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Angelic - - 39 comments

Awesome, Makes me think of Motherload only this is sweeter. On a side not will you be able to buy Upgrades Like longer Air so that the mole can remain longer beneath the earth or? The use of some kind of explosives would be funny, anyway nice pictures and you guys are doing a great hob ;)

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alfredbaudisch - - 2 comments

Any chance of you releasing the terrain destruction code? I mean, not necessary your full code, just a pseudo code would be totally helpful :)

No idea at all of how to do it in Unity.


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designerwatts Creator
designerwatts - - 2 comments

Hi Al,

We're actually not destroying terrain. The cave you see is comprised of many round sprite "stamps" placed on top of the original dirt textures. It gives the appearance of a tunnel without having to create a complex terrain system.

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HENRYTHOMAS - - 24 comments

hey Designerwatts..can you contact me on gamesxchange1@gmail.com?? i want to talk with you about some proposition

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