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  • Assume the role of the Potion Master in this Match 3 quest.
  • Master the five Essential Elements and harness the power of the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Play over 75 levels with increasing difficulty and variety.
  • Discover the secrets of the Potion Master’s illness and reveal the dangers of Alchemy.
  • Collect and utilize the many powerful spells to shatter potions at will!

Discover the power of the Alchemical Arts in Potion Master, as you create and destroy elemental potions while searching for incredible wealth and everlasting youth.

The once mighty Potion Master has succumb to a fierce sickness that has rendered him bedridden and helpless. It is up to you, his young apprentice, to accept the challenge of alchemy and succeed where he failed. You face the mystery of mastering the manipulation of five elements to create the Elixir of Life. Only through experimentation and trial will you develop the knowledge needed to fully comprehend the powers of the Alchemical Arts.

Each stepping stone on this path requires you to complete levels that become more challenging but yield greater rewards. Each level represents one Facet, or face, of the Philosopher’s Stone that must be completed. Create chains of three or more identical elements. Collect coins to purchase powerful spells or unlock treasures to reap the rewards within. Strive to complete the objectives set in each Facet for even greater rewards!

Potion Master plays at your pace and offers freedom to choose your own path. Which element will you choose to begin with? Will you play for best time or to acquire the highest ranks.

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Also available on our website, www.epicvesselgames.com,, this video trailer shows the match-3 style of Potion Master. We are hoping for feedback and support. If you enjoy match-3 puzzle games then please check out the video and see if Potion Master is something that you would like to try.

We took the traditional match-3 mechanics and added just a couple unique tweaks to give the player more freedom and access. The biggest difference is that you are not limited to only moving a piece when there is a match. The useless black potions are obstacles you must maneuver around, however, we provide you with the ability to drop new potions from above or to shatter existing potions with spells and power-ups. Potion Master is the kind of game you relax into and get lost playing for 15 minutes.

When Matt and I first started Potion Master we had no idea where it end up. We were attempting to measure how well we worked together. You will see after playing, it was a success. We had a lot of fun creating it. We, of course, ran into challenges but quickly found solutions. We think we have a fun game but it is ultimately up to our players. Play it and tell us what you think. Thanks for the support because we want to continue to make exciting games.

EpicVessel Games Set Sail first title: Potion Master

EpicVessel Games Set Sail first title: Potion Master


Read through to the end of this post to take advantage of our special promotion. EpicVessel Games officially released their first title, Potion Master...

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