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Temple of Idosra is an isometric action role playing game. Set 700 years in the future, lowering sea levels begin to reveal ruined cities of a lost civilization. Explore the depths of a submerged structure guarded by a mysterious mechanical foe and learn the fate of a society lost to the sea.

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Temple of Idosra... News!


What's Going on Here? Temple of Idosra was my entry in the Stencyl Jam 16, which received an honorable mention. It was a simple dungeon RPG supported by my ARPG engine (dubbed "Vallas Engine"). Since then I've been refining the game to fit the original vision.

Temple of Idosra is heavily influenced by a MUD server I wrote for a MUD game, "Realms of the Lost Dimension". It features action adventure elements and a level/skill system that emphasizes exploration over "grinding".

As I'm closing in on the point where I can start releasing demos, I've opened an entry for the game here. I keep a regularly updated devlog on the Stencyl Forum, which focuses more on the technical details: graphics rendering, AI implementation, related math and algorithms, etc.

What's on the Horizon? I have posted some early development screenshots. My next objective is to implement more NPC types and begin populating the first few maps.

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