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The Next Generation of an Online Game. Type Of Game: Medieval, Sci-Fi, Post Apocalypse, Action, Adventure, Online. Release of the game: Beta will released on June TBD. The original game will be released on June TBD. Platform: Virtual Reality, Windows PC (DX11 and DX12), Playstation, XBOX. Engine: Unreal Engine 4. Spoken Language: English, Japanese and Turkish. Subtitled Languages: English, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish and Korean. Gameplay: Virtual Reality - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(VR-MMORPG). Available Countries: All of the world. Game language: English, Turkish and Japanese. Camera View: 1st and 3rd Person. Updating Soon...

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Floor Names of the Tarania Wars Online VR-MMORPG Game.

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Floor names:
Ground Floor - Starting City
1st Floor - Coral Resort
2nd Floor - Taran Village
3rd Floor - Friever village
4th Floor - Sunny Forest
5th Floor - Old Forest
6th Floor - Mount Penglai
7th Floor - The City of Babol Orange Flowers
8th floor - North of Athens Sinsheim
9th floor - The Underground World of Sidhe
10th floor - Happiness City Niflheim
11th floor - Qin Dynasty
12th floor - Amasesia Dynasty
13th floor - Mount Ararat
14th floor - Gangrene Castle
15th floor - Great Lake Yuki
16th floor - Wei River
17th floor - Valla Dungeon
18th floor - Ilgarini Cave
19th floor - Rain Forest Nian
20th floor - Land of Trolls Svartalheim
21th floor - Realm of Light Elfs Alfheim
22th floor - Estuary Gate Edo
23th floor - Butterfly Valley
24th floor - Fount Eye Smyrna
25th floor - Central World Midgard
26th floor - Folkvangr Dynasty
27th floor - Mystic Temple Cahokia
28th floor - Terms Meadow Antion
29th floor - Yellow River Valley Xia
30th floor - Emerald Palace Vigrid
31th floor - Immortality Mountain Miklagaard
32th floor - Youth River Slidr
33th floor - Marome Resort
34th floor - Lost cemetery Eliudnir
35th floor - Wonderland Gimle
36th floor - Hvergelmir Island
37th floor - Land of the Dead Helheim
38th floor - Desert Skies Vingolf
39th floor - Vanir Realm Vanaheim
40th floor - Dark Elf Land Ydalir
41th floor - Giants Realm Jotunheimr
42th floor - Ogres Realm Elivagar
43th floor - Dark Forest Ironwood
44th floor - Flame Land Muspelheim
45th floor - Lightning Lodge Bilskimr
46th floor - Land of Ice Horgen
47th floor - Land of Fog Nastrond
48th floor - Ghost Town Hashima
49th floor - Odin's Palace Valhalla
50th floor - Aesir’s Palace Asgard

51th floor - Temple of Lei Feng

52th floor - Dekai Dungeon

53th floor - Kreneia Mountain

54th floor - Stymphalos Lake

55th floor - Capitol Hill

56th floor - Seriphos City

57th floor - River of Tiber

58th floor - World Tree Yggdrasil

59th floor - Aeneas Lake

60th floor - Limni City

61th floor - Eryomantos Mountain

62th floor - Elysium City

63th floor - Lehte River

64th floor - Naxos Dungeon

65th floor - Valley of the Kings

66th floor - West Lake Delos

67th floor - Thebai City

68th floor - Glitnir Valley

69th floor - Erytheia Mountain

70th floor - Tenochititlan City

71th floor - Etnasium City

72th floor - Sabatekai River

73th floor - Sakit Valley

74th floor - Nariph City

75th floor - Yentir Lake

76th floor - Huge Lake Vatalp

77th floor - Chiteia Desert

78th floor - Unyah Dungeon

79th floor - Seiralia River

80th floor - Akeph City

81th floor - Kontebai Mountain

82th floor - Teung Valley

83th floor - Aikosai Field

84th floor - Chzeia City

85th floor - Kaze Temple

86th floor - Zyouken Mountain

87th floor - Tarania Valley

88th floor - Akebai River

89th floor - Karetung Lake

90th floor - Koisia City

91th floor - Machigai Desert

92th floor - Berikia Valley

93th floor - TenTheSae Mountain

94th floor - Sarebatao Temple

95th floor - Cundesia City

96th floor - Marentos River

97th floor - Flame Land Ultir

98th floor - Lost Forest Misedai

99th floor - Gratosia Dungeon

100th floor - Nensebai's Palace

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