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superhot hacked and DECEASED is a top down shooter where you have to destroy your enemies and get to the core and destroy it while time only moves when you move this is an indie game with the same ending and story as the original superhot and was made for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT contest bear in mind that this was only made by 2 people an inexperienced programmer and his friend wish also is an animator / artist

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about game and dev


this game made by me (mazen hassan ) an arabic programmer who's hobby is programming and playing video games when i found construct 2 and trained a bit i found out it is extremely simple and started and ended with this over the course of weeks and months of training and programming even though i am still a little bit inexperienced as i have not become an adept programmer (yet)

this little proof of concept proves my skill in programming with the money i get out of this i will open my own game making company and work in unreal engine until now a little 2d engine is enough

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THE first version hope it makes it into the MAKE IT SUPERHOT

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