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Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble is a chaotic, round based party game for 2-4 players. You and your fellow Magi will compete atop a shoddily constructed Wizard Tower, where everything you do threatens to take the floor out from beneath you!
A variety of high-powered explosive spells, items, and gadgets will aid in the destruction of the arena, and propel you towards your rightful title as the wielder of the Staff of Cool!

Rounds are tense, fast-paced, and inevitably end in the demise of all Wizards involved.
Anyone who stops in place for too long will find the floor falling out from underneath them - if a rocket doesn't get them first! Dodge, shoot, and maybe even MAGIC your way into being the last Wizard standing at the end of the round!

  • Local and Online Multiplayer for 2-4 Wizards (With plans to add support for up to 8!)
  • Choose your ideal gameplay with customizable game parameters.
  • Duel atop the Wizard Tower, or enjoy a violent picnic in the Magical Forest.
  • 5 Unique Items, each having a huge impact on gameplay (With many more planned!)
  • Experiment with unique item interactions - block Rockets with magical Ice! Pull live Bombs around with a Fishing Hook!
  • 17 Unique level layouts (And thats just to start!)
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Greetings Wizards!

Its the Summer season and in the aftermath of the sunny days chaos ensues on our Wizards battle grounds!

Firstly, we have re-worked several mechanics:

  • The old modifier system was overly complex and clunky, we have changed this to now use presets, a bunch of pre-made gamemodes that players can easily and quickly switch between. (Though the old system is still there too for players who enjoy being in control!)
  • Updated settings menu to add volume controls.
  • The AI have new difficulties, ranging from easy to hard.

And now for the new features:


Play with the new modifier system that comes with a bunch of pre-made modes ready to go without having to bother with the manual system.


Play with item modifiers. Adding an item modifier will change the way that item works, adding even more variety and ways to play

DizzyWaterloggedEyra small

Make use of a brand new item, the Lightning cloud! Pick this up and be marked by a cloud that explodes after a few seconds that you can pass to other players by touching them


And come play our brand new Chaos Mode! A new way to play where the rules change each round!

We now also have a discord for all things Staff Wars: Discord.gg. Feel free to join and chat with the devs, report bugs, find new friends or just hang out!

With new ways to play and improvements, there's no reason not to play! Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble will be 75% off during the Steam Summer Sale, so be sure to pick it up if you haven't already!

Staff Wars - Winter Rumble Update and Winter Sale!

Staff Wars - Winter Rumble Update and Winter Sale!


Seasons greetings Wizards! This is a very special holiday themed update for Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble! Featuring AI enemies, tile modifiers, and hats...

The items of Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble - The Magnificent Manabomb

The items of Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble - The Magnificent Manabomb


Another successful week of Greenlight! Featuring the next item in our Wizard's toolkit - the Magnificent Manabomb!

The items of Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble - Blasto's Pocket Rocket!

The items of Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble - Blasto's Pocket Rocket!


We're on Greenlight! Introducing the first item in our Wizards arsenals - Blasto's Pocket Rocket (AKA the Rocket Launcher)!

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