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Stability146 is a logic/puzzle game loosely based on Minesweeper rules.

Set in a certain country which occupies 1/6 of Earth's land surface;
Liberal-fashist opposition led by a well-known embezzler and a horse thief Avalny seized control over the city of VoroneΣh.
The player is sent by King Vladimir to purge the liberal junta and free the city.

Gameplay basics:

  • The City: there are many hospitals, schools and other public buildings in VoroneΣh. Look where you're dropping bombs or face the consequences.
  • Money: economic crisis is raging and economic sanctions don't make life easier. Will you choose to conduct assets maintenance or pay staff salaries? Or both? Or neither?
  • Reputation: several parties are watching the conflict. Will you care for the Western Partners' opinion or fall for carpet bombing?
  • News: your achievements are be covered by free* and independent* press. Inspired by real news agencies.
  • Traits: become a member of parliament, a priest or even a cannibal.

Technical information:

  • Randomly generated city.
  • Semi-randomly generated newspaper articles.
  • 2D or 3D

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Explore the features of the democratic process in a certain banana superpower.

Great trouble came to The Rodina. White-ribbon clique led by a well-known embezzler Avalny seized control over the glorious city of VoroneΣh! The King Vladimir orders to purge the city of the liberal-fascists and restore THE STABILITY.

Things to do

  1. Bomb VoroneΣh Handle the opposition
  2. Get honest and objective press coverage
  3. Manage propaganda campaigns public opinion
  4. Manage operation costs. But there is just no money
  5. ???


    ***may cause existential crisis***

Please help get the game greenlit by voting yes and commenting here:

Stability146 Greenlight page

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