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What is this game?

Squares and Triangles is a very early stages platformer, with its main focuses being that it is fun and challenging, above anything else. The story is that you play as Alex, a villager from Square Village, who's girlfriend was stolen by the residents of Triangle tower during the conflict between the two civilizations. Armed with a gun, and the ability to double jump, your goal is to get her back.

It looks terrible...

I know. I have very little skill in art or music, and as a result, it is extremely lacking in those areas. I currently have no way of improving these areas, nor do i have any money to hire people who could, and as a result the game might remain this way for some time. However, i am sincerely trying to make sure that this is not the case

I Swear i've heard some of this music before...

this is very likely, the music so far is either royalty free, purchased from Luckylionstudios.com, or from Newgrounds.com and therefore, whilst the music from the first source may be permanent, music from the second is most certainly temporary, as, whilst no legal agreements are being broken with the game in the free state it is currently in, use of the music will most certainly break legal agreements if i were to attempt to sell the game commercially, due to the music from Newgrounds.com being under the creative commons license.

The right edge of the screen after the second boss just kills you...

Yes, it does. I felt like the amount of content currently available would be enough content for a small demo, which is what the game currently is. You can however go back to the previous save point and save your progress, so you don't have to fight him again once the game is expanded further.

I like the game and want to help, how can i do this?

Well, i am surprised you asked, i'm surprised you like it enough to ask. There are two ways to help, Feedback via comments is always appreciated, and can help me improve the gameplay, however the most useful way to help is via donations. You can donate at my (pretty terrible) website, where my donate button resides peacefully. N3onexplosion.weebly.com

p.s. This game has secret items and (not yet) areas. Good luck. :3

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Version 0.2.7


0.2.7 is here!!!


+ More Desert area
+ New Boss
+ Warp Zone and Warp Poles
+ Bullets now bounce off spikes (evil tricks with this coming later >:D )
* Re-Balanced an almost impossible jump
* Bug Fixes
* removed sudden rule change in favour of consistency (all spikes are instakills regardless of bail cards)
And other changes that i can't remember, probably.


The main focuses of this update are two things, the expanded desert area, and warp points.

Currently, every single area in the game has a point that cannot be accessed yet, either due to blocks, some sort of barrier, or an impossibly high jump. You will be able to access these areas later in the game, after collecting the necessary items required. To be able to get back to where these items are required easily, I have added warp points and the warp zone.

The warp poles have to be fixed by the player before they can be used. This can be done simply by pressing the up arrow when stood in front of one of these poles. The poles in the warp zone can NOT be fixed this way, but are fixed automatically when the corresponding pole in the other areas is fixed.

It is recommended that you restart your save file if you previously had one, to be able to activate all the warp poles.

The other main part of this update was the expansion of the Desert area. The focal point of this is the boss fight. It is almost entirely RNG based, with 4 different attacks.

Here is a video of the fight, minus the 4th attack:

I must state, that you can not currently get any further than the boss, as touching the right edge of the screen will kill you, however, you can go back and save at the previous point, so you dont have to go through that again.


The next update will include some of the following:

Secret rooms
Helpful passive items (giving buffs like: large permanent boss health bars, additional text health display, being able to carry more bail cards, etc.)
Further expansion on the desert area, including Pyramid boss and a start on the pyramid area.

Small update

Small update


Extremely small update, any music that could possibly infringe copyright removed, explanation of legality in the music added in game description.

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