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Spreadstorm is a single player puzzle adventure game, where you gain control over the analog signal and find yourself in a strange world of nodes, lights and endless darkness. No tips, guides or clear goal and only the one way — forward. Step by step you will learn the rules of this world and will begin to understand what is going on and what you supposed to do.


  • Unique gameplay mechanics and world rules, which are not explained anywhere. No tutorial or tips. You will have to discover and learn them by yourself through the observation and level design or you will never pass even lever 4.
  • Three types of defense systems and the world by itself will try to stop you.
  • Game world consisting of 48 interconnected levels with more than one way to walkthrough.
  • Challenging puzzles with different ways to beat them: from pure logic and planning to speed of decision-making and reaction. But the choice is always yours how to play each level.
  • Minimalist and atmospheric environment with elements of storytelling.
  • Powerful in-game level editor: create your own adventure and share it with your friends.

Notice: a controller is strongly recommended to play this game.

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Two weeks after release


Hey everyone!

We’ve been hard at work on Spreadstorm since the Early Access release in December. A small intro of some of the things we’ve been working on are:

  • Game core rewriting. Overlooking how the different game systems works and applying necessary changes to it.
  • Bugfixing. Our small community have reported dozens of bugs and we are investigating them.
  • Level changes. Looking at how players walk through the game, we found some issues in level design, and we think about how they can be fixed.

Before closing this update up we want to talk about core rewrite a bit more. So, one of the important systems in Spreadstorm is the Reset system. In its current implementation it resets state of the unfinished level thereby helping players to get out of progress blocking situations, such as running out of power or locks in different parts of level. But finished levels is not resetable. It produces many issues and some of them are:

  • You could reset 24th level halfway through and will be forced to spend a lot of time restoring lost progress, not to mention the potential bugs this action will bring.
  • You could finish one level, go to another and recharge there, return back and spend all your power and you will not be able to return it back, because finished levels are not resettable.
  • After you lost all power in non resettable level, you can return back to the unfinished level, reset it and get the negative power. gg.

After figuring it out a while we found the solution: all levels are resettable all the time, but we will have a checkpoint system. So if you finished the level, made some bad stuff in it and after reset - it would revert level state to the last checkpoint (level finishing). So the 24th level would have 4 checkpoints and all problems will gone. Another change which helps to avoid the last issue is if you leave unfinished level it will autoreset, so you can not spend the power of this level somewhere else.

Furthermore the changes in reset system shows us, that our current save system, where we save where we save the whole level, will not work with checkpoint system. So we will have to convert our save system to the incremental saves and this leads too...

That's all for now, I hope you enjoy this quick inside look on our development process and you have the idea what's going on.

See you in the next update.

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