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ArticleBannerAttempt to uncover the powers and secrets of the elders to save your civilization! Craft power-ups, upgrade gear, create weapon implants, gather resources, and wisely unlock skills to rescue your people from extinction while trying to survive

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A new update just in time for the Summer Steam Sales. Two and a half years, over 30 major updates, dozens of getting back to the drawing board, and countless feedback later, our small but mighty team of two has crafted a truly ambitious game in Spheriums.

IndieDB mechcommander

This new update shows the new visuals for a range of weapons, showcasing our dedication to enhancing your immersion and gameplay experience.

IndieDB Fusion


  • Bosboon's latest update introduces a double attack feature to make it mode difficult and challenging,
  • Every weapon now comes with a Recharge capability, accessible via the 'R' shortcut key. However, it's important to note that controller support for Recharge is still in progress.
  • Experience the new visuals and animations for the Psionic Fusion Disruptor weapon.
  • Enjoy the brand-new visual representation of the Magnetokinetic Disruptor. No animation support yet.
  • A few new islands on Meolia have been reimagined with a fresh color palette.
  • Improve the AI of both the Drainer worker and the small Drainer commander.

IndieDB Magneto


  • Address the problem of electrical fires not depleting the player's energy when initiated by the Bosboon creature.
  • Fix the issue of fog not being appropriately rendered when loading a previously saved game.

IndieDB Outpost


As we inch closer to the big 2024 launch, we're excited to say that the official release of Spheriums will be significantly different from the early access version:

  • Dive into a deeper storyline with actual voiceover performances.
  • Ultra-refined level designs.
  • A more comprehensive array of skills and abilities.
  • Upgrade power-ups.
  • State-of-the-art weaponry.
  • A badass roster of enemies with a very challenging hard difficulty level for the hardcore gamer.
  • And a few more surprises we are going to reveal soon :)
  • All these elements combine to create an immersive gaming experience not just for the hardcore gamers out there but something the whole family can play and enjoy.

IndieDB Worm

While we're in the final stretch, our focus is on completing, testing, and polishing the game to perfection, so we'll only be patching major bugs in the early access version. All to ensure you get a top-notch gaming experience.

Jump in on the action early! Grab the early access version of Spheriums on Steam at a 40% discount now, as the price may go up on the final release, and buckle up for the official Spheriums - Origin release in 2024.

Happy gaming!

JP & Nick

Excited to announce a massive Spheriums update on Steam!

Excited to announce a massive Spheriums update on Steam!


Boost Your Game! Experience New Gameplay & Quality Enhancements! Version 0.91C is now available.

Dev-Log - May News Work-in-progress

Dev-Log - May News Work-in-progress


Upcoming weapons, worlds, dynamic fog, day/night, combats.

Working on a real-time fog and day/night cycle for Spheriums

Working on a real-time fog and day/night cycle for Spheriums


We have worked very hard on the lighting of Spheriums to bring a vibrant color scheme. Yet, it is time to introduce a weather system to enhance the gameplay...

Level redesign of the structonite area

Level redesign of the structonite area


A look at the redesigned Structonite fields on the planet Korala.

LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

Love the visuals!

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