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WEBSITE FIALIZED: Spacemercs1.wixsite.com

SpaceMercs is a new game coming in 2020 by Ian Whitehouse at Box Turtle Enterprises. It is a FPSRPG, and is inspired by many games, such as Mass Effect, Fallout: New Vegas, R6V2 and GTA. The game mainly takes place on a few celestial bodies, which are Mars, Europa and Earth, but more may be added later. It is all about story lines, and aims to have a complex story where what you do influences the game world through this game and any possible sequels. The plot starts with the protagonist, a victim of Soviet experimenting and in a prolonged sleep for decades, being woken up by rebels hoping to use his strength and powers to their aid. However, this protagonist is far from perfect. He has lost the use of many of his powers and is too weak to hold heavy armor. You take control of him and have to train him up, influencing the course of humanity as you play.

Please become a watcher of this game, as I actively produce images and other media.

8 Ways to Play:

  1. In this game's huge open world, as long as you complete the objective, nobody gives a damn. You are free to fight as you choose, be it stealth, action or enough bombs from your ship.
  2. This game has full Co-Op support between 2 players. Call in your friend to help you take on a boss. As you are fighting, your partner get experience and items that he can take back to his game.
  3. Fly in Space Ships between planets, dogfight other ships in immersive fighting with help from your Co-Op partner or you so companions.
  4. This game is a very tactical first person shooter, and you can control your AI squad mates as you would in Republic Commando or R6 Vegas 2. It also has built in audio chat slowing you to scream commands at your crew or talk to your Co-Op partner.
  5. Intense story lines are a big part of all RPGs, but SpceMercs takes it a step higher. It features mature romances, hard choices and intense sorrow. One big theme: Not everything is black and white.
  6. Companions can be found around the worlds, and all have their dislikes and fantasies. Some will object if you complete a mission in a certain way, while others may demand a harder approach. Nearly all have some issue in their life and request your help to fix it.
  7. Drive cars, hovertanks, motorcycles or take to the air in planes, spaceships and fighters. SpaceMercs has tons of diverse vehicles including planes, boats, cars, subs, and motorcycles.
  8. SpaceMercs is very easy to mod and can also be done in the in-game tools. Mods will be able to edit stats about every entity, gun and power. You can add any obj model with or without a normal map. This game has powerful tools available and I can't wait for the community to try them!

I am putting this on patreon because, obviously, this is not a easy project. It will take a lot of work and I will need some support over the ~4 ('til 2020) more years I will be working on this game. I will need this money to improve my mocap set up, and buy fancier product like 3ds Max and Vegas Pro

That said, you can support my patreon here

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Model Editor

I have been working mainly this month on the entity editor. The entity editor is tedious work and I hope to be done with it soon so I can work on the Room/Area editor. Here are some features

  1. Model Settings


  1. Scale: Sets default scale of the image
  2. Rows: Allows the texture to contain other textures. Setting the rows sets how many textures are in the texture file. Rows are multiplied by itself to find the total amount of textures in an image
  3. Reflection: only usable with the normal map, sets how reflective the model is
  4. Shine Damper: only usable with the normal map, sets how the shine is viewed from different angles

  1. Stash: Like a chest, stashes are how you allow user to collect items in game


  1. Item Choosers: All of the drop down menus allow you to choose from a list of items
  2. Chance: The chance that the items appear is in the text boxes

  1. Sound


  1. Buffer: The sound file
  2. Offset: The offsets from the novel
  3. Volume: The volume of the sound

  1. Bottom Toolbar


  1. Preview Settings: Settings that only appear in the preview
    1. Rotation: The model rotates so you can see all sides
  2. Using: Sets if the stash, sound and particle settings are in use


  1. Trello.com
  2. This board contains list of what needs to be done



  1. We have teamed up with DeltaDNA in order to provide the best possible experience
  2. DeltaDNA provides analytics and AB tests to better work with the community


  1. YouTube
  2. We have no videos currently, but please subscribe to be notified of future videos!
New website in testing

New website in testing


We have a new website in testing, which you can view by clicking the link in the article.


Cool idea, but it does sound like alot of work.

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bte_lead Creator

It will be, hence we plan on working tightly with the community. In March, we will be releasing a world and entity editor in order to allow the community to see their assets in the game. If you would like to know how you can help, please follow the game so you can be notified when the tools are released. Thanks!
- Ian

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