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Massive space battles where two opposing teams try to bring down their carrier ships. Built in a custom c++ engine to achieve battles on a scale not found in other games.

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It's over, I've finally completed my from scratch game project!
The final stretch has been far from glorious.
Rather than making features, it has been nonstop bug fixing.
To reach feature complete, I started just writing down non critical bugs rather than fixing them.
But after feature complete, I started burning down that list.
And now that bug list is done!

The game has been added as a free game on itch.io.

There's probably a few more bugs that I've yet to discover.
I'll fix them as I find them.

I originally thought that this project would only take about 6 months of time.
That was an exceptionally bad estimate.
Two years later I finally finished the game.

sa vid26 pic1 papers

The game would have taken much longer to complete.
But at the 1 year mark, I started cutting corners to complete the game.
I needed to bring this project to a close.
But there was still a surprising amount of work left to be done with the game.
Much of that work not actually being related to the game.
Such as making devblogs, screenshots, social media posts.

sa vid26 pic2 leveleditor

The game isn't the most impressive work of art I could imagine.
But it did provide many learning experiences.
I'm a much better c++ programmer now.
I've learned first hand why some code patterns are problematic.
I've built a framework on which I had to use to build the game, which exposed many lessons on good API design.

sa vid26 pic3 model editor

I'm not sure if I would recommend a project where you make the engine from scratch.
For me it was worth it.
But if your goal isn't to learn about making engines, it is probably better to just use an existing engine.
There's just so much work involved in doing everything from scratch.
So I guess I would recommend knowing what your goals are before embarking on this journey.
Because, despite what it might seem like, I doubt it will be a quick project.

Thanks for watching updates!

DevBlog 25 - Mod Tool Showcase: Star Wars Largest Battle Mod

DevBlog 25 - Mod Tool Showcase: Star Wars Largest Battle Mod


Making a mod to test the usability of the mod tools.

DevBlog 24 - Level and Campaign Mod Editor

DevBlog 24 - Level and Campaign Mod Editor


In order to promote mod creation, I have made the level editor completely usable by end users! Here's how I did it.

DevBlog 23 - Space Jump VFX, Slow Motion, and Asteroids!

DevBlog 23 - Space Jump VFX, Slow Motion, and Asteroids!


I have created an effect that stretches the stars to give a sense of jumping a large distance in space. I've also added asteroids to avoid, and a slow...

DevBlog 22 - Tighten Up The Graphics -  Graphics Refactor

DevBlog 22 - Tighten Up The Graphics - Graphics Refactor


I refactored my rendering system to add features like normal maps, bloom, and more. Check out the new look :)

90908 - - 13 comments

Want you to know that I have been following this project for the last several months and am genuinely excited for what it ends up being, whatever that is. I eagerly await any kind of public release and maybe in some future even a commercial one. Keep up the good work!

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wafflemaker72 Creator
wafflemaker72 - - 7 comments

Thank you for the kind words!

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