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Welcome to a peaceful island where your only goal is to build a city. Make sure your citizens have food and a workplace, you need to create the city from scrach starting with a poor village and work your way up to a rich huge city.

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A town in the sky!


What is SkyTown?

SkyTown is a game about building a city with limited space. Every building matters and every building affects your game in a either negative or positive way. Like factories makes you monney IF your workers are happy or else they will refuse to work. One of the things that can make them real mad is forcing them to live next to a big factory. They will also be quite mad if you dont make sure there is food in the food shelves in the local store. Luckly there is hope. Build stadiums,parks,hospitals,etc to make them happy.

You chose!

At the start of the game you can design your mayor. You will be given a set of options where you can chose some abilties or "bonuses" wich which will help you in some way in the game. You can also design your mayor and chose: eyes,hair,clothes,eyebrows,skin and mouth.

When you enter the game you will be given options like how much tax your citizens will have to pay.(this is very work in progress atm and you can only chose tax for now, later on there will be more options)

Work in progress?

Yes its a work in progress game and it is only one developer working on the project atm(me :3). I have no idea when the game is done but i am working on it often and one day hopefully it will be finished. It has been a work in progress since September 18, 2014 but i started from scrach 2 months ago becouse the old game was simply too unpolished and too full of bugs so it would be less time consuming to remake the game instead of removing all the bugs.

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