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Command a platoon of Sherman tanks over the most famous theaters of WW2. Take the commander’s seat and give specific orders to your crew, or open the tactical map to coordinate your actions with accompanying units.

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Let's kick things off at square one, shall we? We're about to shed some light on what the game actually is about.

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Hey, Tank Commanders!

Let's kick things off at square one, shall we? This is where we outline the main premise behind Sherman Commander, as it seems that many folks are still in the dark about what our game is going to be. So, consider this your SC101, as we're about to shed some light on what the game actually is about.

In the virtual realm we're crafting, you're not just a player; you're a Sherman tank commander, cast into the heart of the intense battles of 1944, right after the Normandy landings. Now, here's the catch: Sherman Commander is not your run-of-the-mill war game. It's a dynamic blend of real-time armored command and tactical warfare.

Your Role as a Commander

In Sherman Commander, you take charge of a Sherman tank, the M4A3E8(76), and issue commands to your crew plus four additional Sherman tanks (M4A3(75)W), as well as infantry squads. You'll also have the power to request off-map support and deploy additional units.

As the commander of your tank, you'll take charge of your crew and communicate with them exactly as a real commander would on the battlefield. It is nowhere near the simplified approach where you operate the whole tank. Instead, this time you are the titular COMMANDER, and thus you order the driver, the gunner, the loader, and the bow gunner so that they can perform their tasks as a well-coordinated fighting unit. It is a steadier, more realistic take on armored warfare where everything happens a little more slowly and more in accordance with how a crew composed of five human beings would work together.

On top of that, you will have contact with various allied units over the radio, including your platoon’s tanks, as well as multiple infantry squads, allowing you to make pivotal decisions across the battlefield. This fusion of command styles is crucial as you guide your forces through historically significant locations like the battlefields of France and Germany in 1944.

And this is the crux of it all: the mixture of genres and command styles. On the one hand, you'll experience the action firsthand from within the bowels of the Sherman tank itself. You'll govern the tank by peering through periscopes and the open hatch while barking orders at your crew members. On the other hand, you will coordinate your tank platoon, the nearby infantry units, AND off-map support in order to make the most of the combined arms entrusted to you. It is like merging a historical milsim with a tactical RTS to deliver ultimate immersion and unprecedented control over the battlespace.

Leading Your Troops

Therefore, Sherman Commander presents an exciting mix of simulation and real-time command on the tactical level. Your battleground spans two interconnected domains: the Sherman Tank’s commander’s cupola and the Tactical 2D Map.

You'll oversee up to 15 infantry squads alongside your five-tank platoon (composed of your tank plus four remaining ones). On the 2D Map, you'll build your strategies and coordinate an assault on enemy positions. This entails positioning units, issuing directives, and summoning off-map support.

Therefore, as you can see, our goal is to create something more than a mere simulator. We are aiming for total immersion in a dynamic, thriving battlefield where what happens inside the metal beast is just one side of the coin, and the evolving situation in the theater of war is another.

Stay tuned for more! In the next updates we'll deliver more details on game modes, mechanics and all the good stuff making Sherman Commander worth waiting for.

All best,
Sherman Team

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