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Having nothing but your lock pick, break into a secured hedge fund building to steal trade secretes. You get one shot. Get that money or go to jail.

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First off, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

I have finished the enemy's movement as well as their alert system. There are still some things I want to implement but for now, everything is in working order.

The current finished code are:

Line of Sight Indicator

Capture4 1

Enemy LOS and Way-point System

Capture4 2

Enemy Detection System

Capture4 3

Way-point System

Capture4 4

The Enemy LOS will start as Idle...

Capture4 5

Then change if Alerted if they notice something suspicious...

Capture4 6

If the enemy sees the Player...

Capture4 7


with the enemy and usable objects finished, I will begin making a first demo to see how it plays. I want to make sure this gets out soon so I will be releasing the game in it's current form. As a reminder, this is nowhere near the finished product. Only a current play-test that I am opening up to you, the players.

Thanks for tuning in, I will be updating you on the demo's release within a few weeks.

Stay safe, everyone.

Update on what I've been working on!

Update on what I've been working on!


I have completed the models and scripts of the following objects: - Usable Computers - Enemies with line of sights - Usable and Lockable Doors Additional...

Shadow in the Light Update

Shadow in the Light Update


Fixed some bugs with the enemy behavior. Working out general enemy behavior and gameplay.

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Shadow in the Light 0.1 Demo

Shadow in the Light 0.1 Demo


Demo is out! Release Date will be May 13th. Please read the description for all of the news and release information about Shadow In The Light.

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