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Salt the Earth is an RTS. Well... not really. Salt the Earth is an RTS that focuses entirely on combat, unit control and strategy.

  • No resource gathering or buildings to construct.
  • Only multiplayer, player-vs-player combat.
  • Focus on competitive gameplay and ladder progression.
  • No skins or in-app purchases.
  • Fantasy based setting.
  • Players vote to balance the game.
Salt the Earth Basics

Salt the Earth already features 5 playable races, 41 unique units, and 119 unit abilities. For a full listing of our units and more game details, please check out our site at: Salt-The-Earth.com and please follow us on our social media accounts:

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Demons Update


Demons Update

After completing the update for the Orc abilities, we moved on to updating the entire Demon race. This update includes new units, and many, many new abilities.
Gorgamon is a new unit for the Demon race in Salt the Earth. Gorgamon, the Lord of Gluttony, Devourer of All, Omnigorge, makes his debeut appearance today. He is an incredibly powerful demon lord with a variety of devastating abilities.

New Ability: Obliteration Sphere

Obliteration Sphere allows Gorgamon to harass enemies at a distance while remaining safely removed from melee combat.

New Ability: Ruin

Ruin is Gorgamon's ultimate ablity, allowing him to conjure multiple Orbs of Ruin, which orbit him for a short duration, burning and destroying enemies as it they pass through.

New Ability: Abyssal Summons

Being a demon-lord, Gorgamon has the ability to call for demonic reinforcements from the abyssal plane, summoning multiple Hellspawn to fight for him for short duration.

Updated Ability: Infernal Hatespikes

Hatespikes received many technical as well as visual improvements to make it the iconic ability for the Hellcaster. Additionally, the Hellcaster is now the only unit that can summon both Fire and Magma elementals.

New Ability: Fire Nova

With the Magma Elemental gaining a completely new model, it also received a new ability. Fire Nova allows the Magma Elemental dish to AOE fire damage, and set nearby enemies ablaze allowing for combinations with other Demon abilities.

Updated Ability: Lesser Gateway

The Overlord received many adjustments, including a shifting of which units the Overlord can summon. The Overlord now has the ability to summon a lesser gateway, spilling forth a horde of Chaos Imps, as well as the ability to summon individual Hellspawn.

Updated Ability: Summon Pitfiend

The Overlord ability Abyssal Gateway got re-worked into Summon Pitfiend. The ability is now faster, and the Pitfiend summoned always gains the Pitbeam ability (for free).

Updated Ability: Demonic Invocation

Due to the fact that all of the Overlord's abilities now cost health instead of mana, Demonic Invocation is now a channeled self-heal, allowing him to recover both from combat as well as from casting spells.
The old Imp model for the Demons just wasn't cutting it, and we've decided to replace it with new Chaos Imp! The Chaos Imp is named such because it has two distinct abilities that activate randomly, destroying the Imp and either damaging the enemy, or providing support to other demons.

Coming Up Next

With the completion of this update, after many, many months of work, all units in Salt the Earth have hard their abilities and overhauled. Salt the Earth now boasts around 150 unique abilities. In the next month we'll be focusing on integrating Salt the Earth with Steam platform, as well as scaling our our multi-player server architecture. Big things are coming, stay tuned!
Orcs Update

Orcs Update


After updating the dwarf abilities, we've moved on to updating the abilities for the Orc race, and this post covers abilities that were changed as well...

2018 Review

2018 Review


This article will cover viewership statistics as well as all of the changes that have been made to the game since the start of 2018.

Dwarfs Update

Dwarfs Update


A summary of the changes recently made to the Dwarfs.

Development Update

Development Update


A quick update about some of the recent developments of the game.


Holy crap! this actually looks really good! will keep an eye on the updates! :O

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Good update! Keep up with good work~

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