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ROGUE SHIFT is a high-intensity rogue-lite experience with RPG elements, set on a harsh planet that will test your will to survive. To stay alive, you will pit yourself against hordes of relentless enemies in an unforgiving, hostile environment.

Level up, unlock perks, gain psionic abilities and find weapons to become progressively more powerful as you attempt to stay one step ahead of the enemy.


When your dropship is shot down by supposedly friendly defences, you find yourself isolated. Your oxygen is running low, dangerous creatures lurk, and hazardous environments separate you from the nearest outpost. Before you can even think about finding answers, your immediate concern is just to survive the first five minutes.


  • Survive insanely intense battles against relentless enemy hordes.
  • Explore, loot and shop to build up your arsenal of Psionics (powers) and Weapons.
  • Level up and unlock Perks to boost your character over time in a manner that suits your play style.
  • Three distinct gameplay modes, all with online scoreboards.


CRASHLANDER: This is the primary rogue-lite experience with story elements. You have one life. Death is permanent. But all hope is not lost. Level up to unlock Perks that permanently boost your character in small, incremental ways that suit your play style. This gives you the slight edge you need on your next attempt to survive.

DOOMED: Survive against never-ending waves of enemies as you move from zone to zone, rapidly upgrading your capabilities through Psionics, Weapons and Perks. Keep your score multiplier high by killing enemies faster. Take a short break between waves to find loot, buy items at shops, or to activate defensive turrets. You will eventually die, but will you reach the top of the online scoreboard?

ESCAPE: In this fast-paced arcade-like mode, you battle through waves of enemies to reach the exit in record time. You have 5 lives and play with a standard medium level character. Enemies drop power-ups for you to activate instantly: Dash, Blast and Daze your way through the masses. Your final score is determined by total enemies killed, a successful escape, bonus timer and spare lives remaining.

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Steam Early Access Release


Steam Early Access

It's been a long and sometimes hard road, but we're finally releasing ROGUE SHIFT on Steam Early Access on September 7, 2021!

All the details regarding the Early Access release are of course over on the Steam Store page:


The short version is that the game is 90% feature-complete and 60% of the content (maps, weapons, enemies, etc.) is done. Stability is pretty good, but balance needs some work. We're going to stay in Early Access somewhere in the region of 3 to 6 months.

Steam Playtest

Leading up to the Early Access release date, we're running an open Steam Playtest right now. You can sign up from the Store Page and get immediately access to the game. All modes are playable, but co-op has not been enabled in the Playtest.


Gameplay Trailer

We have a new trailer showcasing some single-player gameplay. We will release a co-op trailer sometime in the near future.

Co-op gameplay footage

Here is some co-op gameplay footage from our previous Playtest.


I leave you with a few new screenshots. Thanks for reading!

rogue shift 03

rogue shift 14

rogue shift 04

rogue shift 07

Steam Playtest launching February 26

Steam Playtest launching February 26


We're preparing to launch our second open Steam Playtest on Friday, February 26. Join us!

Brand new trailer and an update on our short term plan

Brand new trailer and an update on our short term plan


Every once in a while, you notice that the screenshots and trailer for your game suddenly looks a little dated compared to what you have in the latest...

ROGUE SHIFT at the Steam Game Festival

ROGUE SHIFT at the Steam Game Festival


The Steam Game Festival, Autumn Edition is now underway! Our game demo is public during the festival, and for the first time ever, includes 4-player co-op...

Kickstarter, new trailer and a total rebrand

Kickstarter, new trailer and a total rebrand

News 1 comment

After a period of dormancy for our project, we have recently refocused our efforts, finally pinning down the game's essence as a very intense rogue-lite...


Great trailer video! Looks very professional and awesome. Just one very small remark i have. The part were the spaceship is hit by cannon and flies to ground, and then when it is crashed with player figure on forground. That felt a bit off. I mean, it was very clear to me that the ship had crashed, but i really did miss seeing that part. I assume you left it out because it was to hard to make or for some other reason. But it felt off, as player you really miss that part. So maybe you could see if you still can implement the crashing of the ship in some form or other. Maybe a big dust cloud only, from ship hitting ground or something. Because i really missed it, other then that, awesome game and trailer. The game gets better and better, am watching this one for a long time now.
much success,


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Looks nice, reminds me of Crimsonland a lot.

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