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Platform: PC, Android

Release Date: May 19th 2017

Developer: Celestial Games

Genre: Adventure, RPG

RISING PHOENIX is a brand new 2D classic inspired RPG which tells a very deep and detailed story which was written over 3 years ago! Originally a 2D platformer, this reboot of the series will breath new life into a series which has much potential to succeed. This game is being built using the RPG Maker MV engine and is planned to be a VERY big game with loads of sides quests and adventures to go on!

The gameplay was inspired by old Final Fantasy titles and I really wanted to capture that feel of a classic RPG but told in a more modern way. The story of this new game is also inspired by the Kingdom Hearts series as the Rising Phoenix story is planned to be a very deep and detailed story.


After many years fighting what seemed to be an endless war, our hero George had been fighting in order to keep his home safe, but with the war finally coming to an end, he must now fight the darkness in order to keep the peace across the land. With his once best friend Nexus now fighting for the wrong side, will George be able to save his friend from the clutches of Airanroc, the mastermind behind the war? Many different trials and adventures await in this reborn chapter of RISING PHOENIX.


  • Classic RPG gameplay!
  • A deep story filled to the brim with in-depth lore.
  • 6 Hour + Story Mode with New Game +
  • Many, many Side-Quests for you to complete!
  • Wonderful character art draw exclusively for this game!
  • You don't need amazing specs to run this game!


A game by Bradley O'Neill

Developed By Celestial Games

Lead Developer, Game Design and Programming: Bradley O'Neill

Developer and Tester: Stephen Jennings

Marketing, Tester, Design: Syed Aliahsan

Soundtrack: Epidemic Sound

Rise From Ashes Theme: Cement City

Character Artwork: Jannette Wu

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RISING PHOENIX 2 Announcement

Today we are very proud to announce the long awaited RISING PHOENIX 2!

RISING PHOENIX 2 is the next chapter of the Rising Phoenix series set 1000 years after the events of RISING PHOENIX 1. You play as Neos Knight, the final king from the Knight family (Yes, he is related to George Knight). An evil corporation has stolen your family's powers and it is down to you to get it back! But beware there are more dangerous issues arising. A mysterious creature known as Divinity wants to cause an age old prophecy. The prophecy of the Great Devastation.

RISING PHOENIX 2 is being developed in RPG Maker MV. This game will push the engine to the very limit with gameplay mechanics not usually seen using this engine. The gameplay and world in this game is a direct evolution of what was seen in RISING PHOENIX 1. We are aiming to perfect what we started doing in the previous title.

RISING PHOENIX 2 is in early development but we will have more news for you all soon.

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Play through the first chapter of the upcoming RISING PHOENIX game!

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