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Rhythm Blade is an arena-based brawler. Your characters get assaulted from multiple angles by bad guys, and your job is to take them out before they'd do the same to you. You may be greatly outnumbered, BUT you have one important asset on your side: The soundtrack! By listening to the music playing and timing your attacks to the beat of the song, you will unleash powerful attacks to overcome your foes. Different attacks are tied to different notes, so timing and positioning plays an important role. NOTE: As of this time of writing, all in-game assets are temporary. I do not intend this game to be a game about a ninja battling other ninja's.

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Prototype Live - Version 1


Well, here it is: The first prototype. I've uploaded it to my personal site, which you can find right here.

If you have the time, please try it out and give any feedback. Send it around to friends as well, post about it, if possible. This prototype is meant for everyone to see, and I'd love to see many people try it out.

And although I haven't had any questions yet that have been frequently asked, here's a short FAQ to explain the concept...

What does this prototype contain?

  • One arena
  • One song that lasts about 90 seconds
  • Special attacks when you attack at the right moment
  • Laughable programmer art
  • No working AI yet
  • No chance of dying

What do the colors on the timeline mean?

The special attacks that you will unleash when you time your attack.

Green is the most standard special attack. You'll instantly move to your target and kill him.
Purple is similar to green, except that you inflict more attacks on a single target.
Blue has you killing everyone in front of you with a single attack.
Yellow is a tornado attack. Hold down the left mouse button when you start this attack and move around to kill everyone near you.

What's the purpose of releasing this prototype?

The main purpose of this prototype is simple: Feedback. I seriously believe that I have an interesting game concept in my mind here, and it's something that I want to develop. However, ideas are a dime a dozen, and I want some constructive feedback for the idea. Therefore, I've put this prototype together to show it you people. Try it out, it only lasts for about 90 seconds, but gives you a good glimpse into the mindset that I have for this game.

Second, I will also admit that I would like to gather some interest in the game. I'm, most of all, a programmer and could really use some help in different areas, like level design, sound design and especially character design. Ognjen Popovic has already done me a great service by product some concept art, and Morten Claussen helped me with creating a nice tune for the prototype, but I will likely require more help. If you think that you could help out with the game, and interested in doing so, please visit the 'help' page.

Finally, I just want to release something, and see what other people think about it. I suppose this one ties in with my first point, but I've been working this game out for some time now, and it's just exhilarating to have something out there, to show, to be able to point out to people and say "Hey, why don't you try this out?".

Is the gameplay in the prototype everything that the game will be?

Of course not. I have ideas for more things: Mini-challenges, combo points, arena's with specific goals, different enemies with a varying amount of intelligence... but I prefer to get the core gameplay right before I start coding on the rest.

Do you intend to update the prototype?

In time, yes. When I have new features to implement, I'd like to update the prototype accordingly and upload it for more feedback.

Mini-update on the game and the live prototype

Mini-update on the game and the live prototype

News 1 comment

A short update where I give you the latest about this project, as well as a message about the prototype.

Coming out

Coming out

News 4 comments

If there's one thing that terrifies me about this project, it's to actually talk about it.

tymaxbeta - - 1,059 comments

Just an idea, release this on Ipod, trust me, as far as I can tell, the integration of music, as well as having a simple gameplay that you can take out and play for a few minutes with little trouble, will make this game a sure winner of the Ipod market...

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Elegwa - - 23 comments

Watching this :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jovian95 - - 197 comments

looks pretty cool.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Catwearhat - - 53 comments

it looks interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
tymaxbeta - - 1,059 comments

This is beautiful...

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