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A terrible catastrophe has struck Earth. Humankind and nature was threatened to be wiped out of the solar system. Each country offered their best scientists and engineers to work together and create several space stations to save as many people and animals before Earth is destroyed. When these space colonies were finally complete people felt safe until someone sabotaged the androids which served the colonies. These robots began a rampage against the families they served, the factories they worked on and so, a new threat has risen. ReStage tells the brave story of a humanoid robot that was built in a humble garage of a great engineer. His mission was to stop the robots’ rampage and find who sabotaged the colonies.

Post news RSS DevBlog #5 - Enemy Modelling & Logo Update

Enemies inbound! Robots have gone berserk, they need to be stopped! Also, we have our final logo for the game!

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After some studies, ReStage's logo is complete and ready to feast your eyes!

We chose a techy/sci fi design to fit into the theme and used a neon blue for the main color to emphasize the spatial theme.

Ativo 8

Look! Danger approaches! Our first two enemies have arrived the space colony, ready to wreck havoc!

This robot is a model that used to make maintenance work, drill walls and floors.

enemy close combat screenshot1

enemy close screenshot 2

This robot might look funky at first, but his arms are literal plasma ball launchers! His optic eye can range targets up to 100 meters!

Screenshot 2

ranged enemy screenshot 2

That's all for today! We hope to bring you some animations next week as we progress further into the project!

Stay tuned!

Crimson Fox Studio

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