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REPLIKATOR is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements, set in an abandoned space science complex. In the role of one of the mercenaries, you will have to fight against hordes of crazed robots and ectoplasmic monsters, while your boss calmly drinks beer in a safe compartment nearby.

Download demo:


    • Dynamic battles. You will have to constantly move and aim well to survive!
    • Danger at every turn. Many different enemies and traps will not let you get bored.
    • Generated weapon. Each weapon in the game has a number of procedurally generated characteristics.
    • Various improvements. Explore stations looking for new upgrades for your character. Create your own build!
    • Four playable characters. They differ in starting stats, preferred weapons and special abilities.

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After a year and a half of solo development, I am ready to release my game... but so far only in early access.

REPLIKATOR is a fast Top Down Shooter with roguelike elements, inspired by the games Nuclear Throne and Dead Cells.

Why Early Access
The experience of publishing demo versions has shown how useful feedback from interested players is. Since the publication of the first demo version, the game has been transformed by an order of magnitude!
I don't know how it happens in big studios, but when you work on a game alone, you just miss a lot of things or deliberately ignore them. Players notice all these nuances and point them out.
And now the moment has come when the demo versions are not enough to get adequate feedback.
Thanks to early access, I want to perfect the balance, add even more content and game situations, and of course, complete the story.

What is ready at the moment
- More than 30 different enemies.
- More than 30 types of weapons with generated characteristics
- More than 70 implants.
- More than 20 generated levels.
- 4 bosses.
The system of increasing the difficulty after successful runs (5 iterations of difficulty).

In fact, this is a completely ready-made game with a considerable amount of content, in which it is quite possible to spend several tens of hours.
But I do not intend to stop there! Therefore, the game will be expanded and improved in every possible way!




REPLIKATOR Demo updated to version 0.965

REPLIKATOR Demo updated to version 0.965


Bugs fixed, melee combat reworked and other changes.

REPLIKATOR - new trailer and demo

REPLIKATOR - new trailer and demo


Hey guys! I have prepared a new trailer for the game for Steam Next Fest and updated the demo version.

Try the REPLIKATOR demo version in Steam!

Try the REPLIKATOR demo version in Steam!


Hi! I just want to let you know that the demo version of the game is available on steam!

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