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Lead a squad of highly trained specialists, and try to regulate your city by completing various missions to counter the crime gangs that thrive in the city. Keep a good balance and your city will grow.. of course.. this also attracts richer and more dangerous gangs!

Roam the streets, rooftops, and enter buildings to complete your missions. From taking down specific gang members to saving hostages, or robbing gang vaults! Everything is allowed, just make sure to serve your city!

Play alone or team up with a buddy (up to 4 player local coop) as you progress through the missions and using gang-money to upgrade the city with bigger buildings, hospitals, banks, and airstrips!

In a near future where alien powered technologies make crime lords and their gangs much stronger than any police-force can cope with.

A new type of law enforcement is needed, a group of trained experts to regulate the city!

Regulator City needs you!

Stay updated on development through discord or tune in every Thursday for weekly videos from the game’s developer over on Youtube

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HEY! While you are here, make sure to Wishlist Regulator City on Steam and check out the public (beta) demo!

A fresh new public demo! This is to welcome people coming over from the Indie Live Expo 2022 that Regulator City is participating in. Check out the demo over on Steam, it’s still a heavy work in progress, but it does show you where this game is moving towards and it’s only getting better from here !

regcity abilities

For existing demo players, this version comes with such a long list of changes, I don’t expect anybody to read through it, but trust me, it’s a good list from a development point of view. A lot of changes, fixes, improvements and new content all over the place. I also changed some of the level maps, giving them a better flow and more interesting tactical wise. I’ll continue tweaking these things and of course I’ll be adding new maps to play on (there are already one or two new ones in this version).

regcity team

Make sure to wishlist the game, and also come hang out on the Discord: discord.gg/orangepixel – where eventually we will be moving to private beta’s/demos closer to release!

One or two of the bigger changes are featured in my latest devlog video, so if you want to hear me explain some thought process on these things AND show the creation of a couple of NPC avatar pictures, then this is the video to watch:

Full changes list:

  • added: Time-limit variations on missions
  • added: better HUD design for timelimit (also on detonations)
  • added: “one-time missions” will be striked-through on failure
  • added: Park areas are now darker, with light coming through trees
  • added: More grunts to enemies which are attacking
  • added:”fallen” squad members now don’t move in/out buildings anymore
  • added: single-floor-tile editing to level editor
  • added: mission-type icon to interface (top right corner)
  • added: grass floors
  • added: vending machine should only give X amount of cans – and these should restore HP
  • added: halved-HP missions should restore that “taken hp” after a mission
  • added: extra triggers for squad members to respond to and behave on
  • added: statusbar for fallen squad members now blink
  • added: a “marker” floor area to be used infront of operational computers like in HQ
  • added: NPC avatars to dialogs
  • added: ammo-handling now done per-weapon type
  • added: Disabled power will be automatically reset after X amount of seconds
  • added: Nightvision goggles for power-less mode
  • added: escorting hostage will now have more enemy spawns
  • changed: mission-variations now more random (better randomness)
  • changed: keycards only picked up by player (less confusion to the player)
  • changed: improved first park area
  • changed: updated first Park area to look much better now
  • changed: after completed mission you first go back to HQ instead of citymap
  • changed: your squad team now build out of non-main characters (clones)
  • changed: only show human-player HUD
  • changed: Only “human players” appear in HQ
  • changed: disabled using HP on squad members (they are now fragmeat)
  • changed: slowed down bouncy arrow in city view
  • changed: small fixes to HUD
  • changed: new interface designs
  • changed: some weapons won’t be dropped by enemies
  • changed: improved feeling on melee-hits and punches
  • changed: disabled “auto-snap” on gamepad aiming
  • changed: melee weapons now have a limited-use (except Knife)
  • changed: weapon Knife is always restored as alt-weapon if no alt-weapon is there
  • changed: item-drops on enemies now random (not ammo/dna only)
  • changed: hostage can’t be killed (we had no control over the outcome)
  • changed: mission progress info rendered smaller, and added sound
  • fixed: failing mission with 2 soldiers doesn’t reset 4 team members on retry
  • fixed: bullets colliding seem blocked by furniture
  • fixed: gamepad aiming was a bit off
  • fixed: melee-enemies can still swing when Morphed
  • fixed: security-camera danger-zones aren’t stopping the squad from moving
  • fixed: shade of squad members who fell turn green
  • fixed: npc dialog text not properly centered (more room on left side)
  • fixed: extreme pathfinding slow down bug
  • fixed: returning to street doesn’t reset No-Dodge modification
  • fixed: Dodge move delay/duration overlapping issues
  • fixed: bullets moving slowpaced and only horizontally (when hit a wall vertically)
  • fixed: safe-cracking task arrow rendering bug
  • fixed: issues with blasting walls
  • fixed: trees block bullets on their visual-properties, not their collision box
  • fixed: some items are placed inside walls
  • fixed: hostage can run through closed keycard door
  • fixed: tasks sometimes don’t get activated
  • fixed: circle for HQ computer is wrongly positioned when flipped
  • fixed: enemies still spot players in dark (no power mode)
  • fixed: energy not increased from dispensor drinks
  • fixed: modifier with 1DNA for abilities doesn’t work
  • fixed: improved mission modifiers randomness
  • fixed: inventory items (keycard) sometimes gets added 30+ times
  • fixed: exit-hotspot on vertical door on right is a bit off
  • fixed: possibly close garage-door when mission is done
  • fixed: picking up ammo should go to weapon-slot if walking with melee weapon
  • fixed: entry door should be disabled and not function as exit-door when proper-exit is there
Regulator City - Dodge moves, game feel, and mission map on track

Regulator City - Dodge moves, game feel, and mission map on track

News 1 comment

Improving the gameflow, the visuals, and the mission map in a productive couple of weeks.

Regulator City – Overcoming development struggles

Regulator City – Overcoming development struggles


(New gameplay video inside) - A struggle with Regulator City amounts to a long list of changes and big decisions for the direction of the game.

Regulator City new FREE DEMO (time limited)

Regulator City new FREE DEMO (time limited)


The demo returns with an improved mission-select and progression system and a host of changes and improvements

Demo coming in Steam Next Fest (June)

Demo coming in Steam Next Fest (June)

News 1 comment

Announcing Regulator City, the upcoming public (free) DEMO and the latest devlog on the development of the game. Get ready to protect your city!


Very nice look. Quirky.

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