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Year 2162…a devastated world, a wounded Earth and no high hopes for humanity; only volunteers, like yourself, to try to save what’s left.

From a high-tech hydrostasis capsule, your mind takes control over a virtual entity – a machine, a robot, your Recyx.

Thanks to it, you will be able to search the endless wasteland that our planet has become, looking for rubbish to recycle and ways to produce energy.

These discoveries will allow you to rebuild a fairly safe place for your body, which would otherwise not survive much longer underground.

The wisest will survive; the community will dominate; the loners will live from dangers to adventures, or will disappear in rust and sand.

A brand new kind of game where not only your own survival is at stake, but you must take part in a common goal that could fail multiple times if your organization is not wise or strong enough: Play in a Persistent Sandbox World!

40 players by area, where your base and buried body are located, which you must protect at all cost. An area is a kind of town, started and populated by players. All those area, after creation, will last forever in the game and will be part of the world itself. So more players, more area, it is endless...

Weather that really affect the game experience; Affect terrain, malfunctions probability, aeolian tower or solar panels efficiency and more.

8360 square miles, of wasteland to secure, scavenge and defend.

54 buildings, for storage, recycling, producing energy and more, in the hope that the world will return (You can see all of them on the website).

54 parts for your robots, for various, specific activities.

100 add-ons allowing you to upgrade your parts effectiveness.

60 operations software, for many operations and bonuses.

Hundred thousands of robot builds… To be UNIQUE!

All items are free to use. Find it, build it, trade it and use it right away!

Loot your enemy!!! Player or not.

Free open PVP + Competitive PVP area: Demolition Derby - Robots race on destroyed F1 track.

Crafting – In Recyx, you can build almost all of the buildings, parts and add-ons yourself.

Guild – Start your area in group to increase your chances of success.

Buy the game and play the full version, no subscriptions needed.

Ingame Store for services that will ease your task. Nothing in it will unbalanced the game, it is only for those who want to ease their experience or those who are playing on a more casual basis.

Copex are the currency of this store, you can earn those ingame or you can add some to your account by buying it on our website.

Optional monthly subscriptions available for automatic services that will ease your life in this challenging game. (Mostly for energy, rescue and Copex)

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Recyx graphic Update

News 3 comments

Now that we have all assets of the game in hand, we need to put them together. The environment is a great part of the game, for bad and good things, so it need to be well represented.

The terrains will also affects the players experience in many ways, so all functionnality of our engine will be overheated at their best to provide it.

Join the forum and give us your feedbacks it would be really appreciated!

Recyx Team

Recyx Weather System

Recyx Weather System

Feature 2 comments

Weather is a big part of the game in Recyx. Even if you can completly ignore it, you'd better know how to use it at your advanage and prenvent the catastrophy...

patofnickof Creator
patofnickof - - 11 comments

Thank you axeldude, a lot more to come soon!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
axeldude - - 190 comments

Wow this looks promising, love the engine! Great job guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mooshieninja - - 6 comments

Wall-E! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
patofnickof Creator
patofnickof - - 11 comments

Kickstarter Campaign ended, we are working on the next one. For more informations about the game now go to www.recyxgame.com or www.recyxnews.com .

Reply Good karma+2 votes
patofnickof Creator
patofnickof - - 11 comments

Hi all, more stuff to see and more to come on the Kickstarter Campaign at:

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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