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RC Simulation 2.0 is a fun radio controlled vehicle simulation. Developed to give users the thrill of today’s High Tech Radio Controlled Cars, Rock Crawlers, Boats, Planes and Quad copters on any of the 250+ Workshop Tracks. Paint any vehicle in-game to create tons of scenarios and Paint schemes. Fly some quad copters, Pilot an RC Jet Liner or go on a RC Rubicon with your Rock Crawler. The possibilities are endless! RC Simulation 2.0 is made by a solo developer and still is in development.

Current Features:

  • 26 default RC Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Crawlers, Boats, Quad copters and Planes etc)
  • Simple in game Track/Map editor with one click upload to Steam Workshop to share your creation with the world.
  • Over 250 + Workshop tracks to download and enjoy!
  • In-game Vehicle Paint Booth with over 100+ different Brushes and Decals to create any unique paint livery you would like.
  • Single player or up to 10 vehicle Multiplayer
  • 8 Camera Views Per Track/ Facility including FPV animated mode, Driver stand, On-board, Follow, Rotate and Blimp Cams
  • Live animated Track marshals and Camera men with Rag-doll Physics
  • Drive from anywhere you want.
  • Walk the track in FPV Mode and explore anywhere in the game.

8th Buggy Floating

Quad 265 Floating


You can use ANY Controller you want with RCSIM. Keyboard, XBOX360 for PC, PS3, Steam Controllers etc. Though most prefer using a real RC Transmitter via USB-PC (Not available for Linux or Mac as of 7-18-16) adapter. These are readily available for todays real rc transmitters. This is the best way to drive RC SIM 2.0. You will not only have the most control on these super fast machines but will gain the most from practicing with the same remote as you use in real life. Adapters for almost all of today's RC transmitters can be found with a simple google search. Just google “transmitter to USB” or "USB RC Transmitter adapter”.

wheeler Floating

Current Surface Vehicles:

  • – 1/10th Scale Buggy 2WD
  • – 1/10th Scale Buggy 4WD
  • – 1/8th Scale Buggy 4WD
  • – 1/10th Scale Stadium Truck 2WD
  • – 1/10th Scale Short Course 2WD
  • – 1/10th Scale Short Course 4WD
  • – 1/10th Scale Rock Crawler 4WD with moveable camera and paintball marker
  • – 1/10th Scale Squatch Rock crawler
  • – 1/10th Scale 4-Link Monster truck
  • – 1/10th Scale Touring car AWD
  • – 1/10th Scale Drift car
  • – 1/12th Scale Pan car
  • – 1/10th Scale Semi truck with trailer

PiperKub Floating

Current Air Vehicles:

  • Mini Quad 250 mm
  • Mini Quad 265 mm
  • Med Quad 310 mm
  • Med Quad 385 mm with movable camera and paintball marker
  • PiperKub 40 Trainer plane
  • JumboJet 110 Brushless ducted fan aircraft
  • FighterJet 88 Brushless ducted fan jet fighter
  • Junker 80 Vintage low wing war plane

Outrigger Floating

Current Sea Vehicles:

  • 28″ Wakeboat with movable camera and paintball marker
  • 36″ Outrigger race boat
  • 42″ Catamaran race boat
  • 46″ Deep Vee race boat
  • 52" Battleship with movable camera and paintball marker

Track/Map Creator:

  • Simple yet Powerful in game Track/Map editor with one click upload to Steam Workshop to share your creation with the world.

PaintBooth 1

In-Game Vehicle Paint Booth

  • Easy to use in game vehicle paint booth with over 100 brushes and decals to create your own custom paint schemes. The paint booth also features a accent color changer to really make the whole package come together with changeable metal colors, lexan colors, wing colors, tie rod colors, wheel colors and more.

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Update June 5th, 2018 (Build # .906) AI_Bots for Practice, Proving Grounds Default Track

- Added Version 0.88 AI bots to all the Default Tracks for the Practice Mode. This will give the practice mode a little more action. For now you can select 1-9 bots and also the ability to change their speed from 20%-100%. (this will change in the future as I am still building the race weekend system which will use a little different method of calculating the speed of your opponents.)

- AI Opponents in the practice mode will load a random Paint scheme from that vehicles available paints and it will also choose a random wheel color to match the paint scheme of the vehicle. This will also give painters a nice way to see their designs in action. So If you want to see some paint variations make sure to try out the Paint booth. Any of the Paints that you save for each vehicle will be randomly chosen for the AI bots.

- Added new optimized marshals for folks having trouble with FPS. This will replace the animated marshals on all the tracks with a 2D version of Larry to help you out when you crash. He will work the same way that Larry currently works but should save about 30% on FPS across most computers. Go to video settings to turn this feature on and off.

- New Default Track: Proving Grounds Raceway in Grand Rapids, MI. The "Big Kahuna" Race was a race a couple years back to honor a great man in the Michigan RC Area. I still have some of the infield blue paint on some of my old chassis parts laying around my RC room. This indoor Private facility is a racers paradise. AC, Great clay, AAA Driverstand with Wheelchair access.... You name it PG has it.

- Added all new baked lighting to all the indoor default tracks. You can no longer adjust the time of day lighting on the INDOOR Default tracks. This was done to create a much better frame rate on all the default tracks.

- Also added new light probes to all the indoor default tracks. This will increase the frame rate on all the indoor defaults tracks as the lighting for dynamic objects and the static objects are now separate.

- Fixed the painter save menu so you can ONLY enter Alphanumeric characters when saving a paint scheme in the vehicle painter. This will stop some of the paints not being able to be saved.
- Fixed a bug in the vehicle painter menu when you could not click on some of the vehicles paint schemes in the list of your personal paints. There was another invisible menu on top of it.

- If your paint jobs or setups don't show up in the painter area be sure to "verify integrity of game files" in the Steam Client. This will add or replace any files that are wrong or not used in the new version. You should only have to do this if having a problem loading your paints or workshop tracks.

Thanks again for all of you support and I look forward to the next update!


New AI Racing Bots coming to RC Simulation 2.0

New AI Racing Bots coming to RC Simulation 2.0


I have been testing a new Artificial Intelligence Driving system for RC Simulation and the new collision systems and thought I would post a teaser video...

Vehicle paint booth & new menus update!

Vehicle paint booth & new menus update!


Drive all kinds of RC Cars, Boats, Rock Crawlers, Planes or Quad copters on any of the 250+ Workshop Tracks. The game includes an in-game Track Editor...

HUGE Update! New 3D Models, Physics, Menus and many optimizations.

HUGE Update! New 3D Models, Physics, Menus and many optimizations.

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Drive all kinds of RC Cars, Boats, Planes or Quad Copters on any of the RCSim 2.0 Workshop Tracks. RCSim includes an in-game Track editor to create an...

New Car Models, New Suspension Animations, New Customizing features

New Car Models, New Suspension Animations, New Customizing features


LAND VEHICLES Coming Soon Updates for RC Simulation 2.0: - New High poly models for most of the vehicles. (I am redoing them one at a time as you can...

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