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Quantum Engineering is a factory construction game.

As an employee of Quantum Engineering Incorporated,

you have been deployed to a distant moon to harvest dark matter.

Starting with a small collection of machinery,

you will need to establish a base, expand your production facilities

and defend your equipment in a harsh environment.


Everything in Quantum Engineering can be completely automated.

This includes resource harvesting, machine construction and base defense.


Conduits, retrievers and rail carts are used to move objects from one machine to another.


Solar panels, nuclear reactors and power conduits are used to power machines.


Machines in Quantum Engineering generate heat.

The more power a machine is consuming, the more heat it will produce.

Heat exchangers are used to reduce this heat so the so the machine's output can be increased.


These videos can also be viewed from the help menu in the game.


Dark Matter


Install instructions

  • Preferred installation method:

Install the itch.io app to download, install and run the game with automatic updates provided via butler.

  • Alternative installation method:

Extract the compressed file and double click or create a shortcut to the executable. Check for updates at Droog71.itch.io and install them manually.

System requirements


    • Processor: Intel Core i3 2330 / AMD A6-3420
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / AMD Radeon HD 8400
    • Storage: 2 GB available space


    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD FX-8350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 750 / AMD Radeon R7 265
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

Development log


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Quantum Engineering

September 2020 Content Update

The Market

The market is a new feature added to Quantum Engineering in the latest update that allows you to buy and sell objects. You need to be within 4 meters of the rocket to use the market. This is the same rocket that lands every day to collect dark matter. You can now summon the rocket if you press the M key to open the market and the rocket is not currently available. The button underneath your inventory toggles buy / sell mode and the menu on the left side of the screen buys or sells the associated object. Prices are affected by purchases and sales. A sale decreases the value of an item 5% and a purchase increases it's value by 5%. Prices are shown at the bottom left side of the screen when the buttons are hovered over.

Modding API

The Quantum Engineering mod API allows you to create your own machines, items and recipes, overwrite existing recipes and more. Machines, items and recipes are created via simple text files. An item can be added to the game simply be adding it to a recipe and creating an associated image file in the mod's Textures directory. The game can also be extensively modified via external libraries using the plugin loader.

The full modding documentation can be found here: Quantum Engineering Modding Documentation

If you are interested in creating plugins, referencing the game's source code may be helpful.

The source code is available here: Github.com

and the documentation here: Droog71.github.io

An example mod can be downloaded at the following link: Example Mod Download

Mods are stored in Unity’s Application.persistentDataPath. The location of the persistent data path varies depending on your operating system and should be as follows:

  • Linux; “$HOME/.config/unity3d/Droog71/Quantum Engineering/Mods/”
  • Windows; “C:\users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Droog71\Quantum Engineering\Mods\”
  • Mac; “~/Library/Application Support/Droog71/Quantum Engineering/Mods

To install the example mod, extract the downloaded .zip file and place the ExampleMod folder inside of the /Mods directory.

Rail Cart Circuits

Rail Cart Hubs now have the option to assign circuits. Hubs will only connect to other hubs with a matching circuit designation. When a rail cart is placed on a hub, it is assigned to the same circuit as the hub it is placed on. This system allows you to create more complex rail cart systems with as many circuits and carts as you want.

Building System Improvements

Many aspects of Quantum Engineering's building system have been improved. The first gif above shows how placing large amounts of blocks is now done with a co-routine so no hitches are experienced. The second gif shows improvements to the painting system for combined meshes. Previously, combined meshes were painted in sections depending on which block you sprayed with the paint gun. Blocks are now painted by type so the experience is smoother and simpler. The third gif shows the new ability to switch between automatic axis selection or manual axis selection when snapping blocks together. Automatic selection is controlled by ray casting while manual selection cycles through block faces with a key press.


Fog can be toggled on or off and the density of the fog can be adjusted for the atmospheric Gliese 876 location. Hazards can now be toggled on or off from the options menu as well for those who want to play the game in a peaceful environment at their own pace. The new "chunk size" setting affects the distance around the player that blocks are loaded when editing combined meshes. Combined meshes are created from the standard building blocks in the game such as bricks, glass, iron and steel. This is done for performance reasons and this setting is a performance setting. High end machines should be able to handle greater chunk sizes without lowering frame rates which makes chunk loading less noticeable. Lower chunk sizes allow the game to be played with high frame rates on low end computers. A toggle for V-Sync has also been added to the options menu.

Gliese 876 Graphic Improvements

The Gliese 876 location has received some graphic improvements such as lighter shadows and fog.

File Based Save System

Saved games are now file based on all operating systems. Saved games can be found in the following directories.

  • Linux; “$HOME/.config/unity3d/Droog71/Quantum Engineering/SaveData”
  • Windows; “C:\users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Droog71\Quantum Engineering\SaveData\”
  • Mac; “~/Library/Application Support/Droog71/Quantum Engineering/SaveData”

Every saved world will have an associated .sav and .bak file in this directory. If your computer were to crash or lose power in the middle of a save operation and the file is corrupted, the .bak file can be renamed to .sav to recover your saved game.

Physics and Power Generation

Physics and Power Generation


Structural physics, coal powered generators and nuclear reactor turbines.

Storage Computers and Crafting Components

Storage Computers and Crafting Components


This update for Quantum Engineering adds storage computers - a mass storage solution, intermediary crafting components and game balance improvements.

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