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A frantic arcade shooter which can be played solo or with up to three friends! All players are tethered to a shared Core which must be defended at all times. Players are free to move but pulling too far from the Core will pull the Core closer to that player. This means that communication among the team is vital to survival and safe exploration. Each player can also upgrade their ship. Once an enemy is destroyed its part will fly off within the debris. Any player is then free to equip these items. This means the only way to get reflective armor or a lightning gun is defeat an enemy with reflective armour or a lightning gun! The story of Quad Core features Earth hundreds of years in the future in peril. The ancient ones have finally had enough of Earth's brilliance and have stolen our light. It is your job to retrieve it.

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Quad Core Goes Live!


The month of reckoning is here!

The much awaited co-op space shooter, Quad Core, is finally live on Kickstarter.

Myself and friend recently finished university with Quad Core as our final major project. It was graded at 100% and felt it was by far our best work yet, so we've decided to take it further. Players are tethered to a shared Core, similar to that of 1986s Thrust. In order to move effectively players must work together and communicate.

You and your pals on a space quest to save the world.

Quad Core sports a really dynamic upgrade mechanic. ANYTHING you defeat, whether it be a standard enemy or a wall mounted flamethrower, you can use it. This means that if you want a weapon that freezes enemies, you must first defeat an enemy that can freeze you.

Ships are made up of three exchangeable components:

Body -
The ship's body determines a ship's health; so the stronger the enemy, the stronger body you will get from it.

Thrusters determine the speed, turning, boost recharge rate and boost abilities. Having a good thruster can help execute essential decisions.

The most critical part. Weapons can be anything from simple arcade triple shooters, healing lasers, defensive bubble shield projectors, poison gas emitters, homing launchers or even a spacey blunderbuss.

Introducing the Thunder Thruster! Aggros all nearby enemies when the player boosts... Perfect for saving that friend that just can't play games!

Introducing the Thunder Thruster! Aggros all nearby enemies when the player boosts...

Perfect for saving that friend that just can't play games!

The high definition is available to watch for your viewing pleasures

and also to give you a better idea of the game's tone and concepts.

If you just love space games or love party games with friends and family then Quad Core is right up your space cave. You can help out the development in a number of different ways:

Get the game for just £5!

From University Project to Co-Op Sensation: Quad Core

From University Project to Co-Op Sensation: Quad Core


Microwave Games have recently released their new game trailer for their game Quad Core.

Quad Core First Teaser Trailer

Quad Core First Teaser Trailer

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Be the first to see the manic co-op blast Quad Core in motion. Teaser trailer unveiled today!

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