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* A mixture of different game mechanics.

* Destructible environment.

* Huge arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

* Multiplayer for up to 12 players (6 vs 6).

* Global leaderboard.

* Co-op campaign mode (Full release).


The game is in active development. Current version is LTV with next limitations:

* Game modes : "DM" (Deathmatch), "TDM" (Team Deathmatch) "CTF" (Capture the flag), "CR" (Chain Reaction)

* Available maps: "Arsenal", "Barbara Bay"

* Multiplayer: Limited to 20 concurrent players during LTV.

* Updates: Only during LTV version.

* Singleplayer: Not Available.

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War briefing #1



My name is Alexander, I'm a game developer from Finland. You may take a look at my projects here on IndeDB or on my web page www.escapismworks.com.

Today I want to start a modest devlog about one of my present projects which I'm developing as a basis of different game mechanics and stable multiplayer module. A project called "Box Of War" this is multiplayer tactical war game for up to 8 players Inspired by Worms, Liero, Hogs of War and Army Men. The game containing more than 20 unique heroes with different characteristics, weaponry and abilities. You can play as 4 different heroes and show your tactical skills in the battle with other players.

What's ready:

- Armory and Heroes Store.


- Team Controller.



- Vehicle controller.


- AI module 1.0.

There are more than that, but most of the components are still under construction and polishing. Currently I'm working on Lag compensation for multiplayer module and will update the status in next devlog.

I'm making this project for the players and will gladly see any wishes and constructive critics in your comments.

Me on twitter Twitter.com

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