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Project Meadow is The Glowing Pond's first game currently in (very) early development. It is a whimsical survival sandbox role-playing game where you embody a fairy and claim your safe haven in the middle of a dark magical forest. Although you will encounter dangerous enemies in the forest, Project Meadow is not focused on fighting. Your fairy will have defensive abilities, but only to help them flee enemies. The main gameplay mechanics focus on gathering magical plants and the resources to grow your meadow and fill the forest with peaceful, whimsical, and glowing magic. The game is currently being developed for PC but I intend to distribute it on Nintendo Switch.

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Dev Log 0.2

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Dev Log 0.2: Environment building

Welcome to my second official dev log!

Here is some progress I am making on the creation of the in-game environment for Windchime Meadow. I have been slowly but surely placing plants and rocks throughout the forest.
Our colorful forest is starting to emerge from this blank canvas I started with, and it is exciting to see some visual development happening!

As I progress through this important step of development, I am drawing a lot! Creating 2D assets is one of the biggest pieces of development that will happen pre-Kickstarter campaign.
I am also fixing some rendering bugs and glitches as I build the map.

Take a look at some screenshots and videos of key locations that are taking shape in Windchime Meadow!

rocks crop

Rock formation


Tall grass sprouting

sky 1

Trees spreading!

Forest path - Indie DB

Nymph hideout - Indie DB

A lot more visual development and map-building progress will be shared in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more previews of the world of Windchime Meadow!

xoxo The Glowing Pond

Dev Log 0.1

Dev Log 0.1


Here is my first early dev log, cataloguing early development steps that I have completed over the past month or so. See where I'm heading with this whimsical...

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