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Project 4 is a coop 3d puzzle game (2 players). The players have different abilities : Time Distortion / Gravity Vector Manipulation which they can switch in case they are bored of the other one. The game has a few similar puzzle elements to Portal (like lasers and simple boxes) but I added all kinds of extra blocks I could think of in the concept stage.

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The game can be played by 2 players. Both player has different abilities that they can switch if they get bored of the one they were using so far.

1. Time Distrotion
With this ability you can control the speed of the puzzle blocks, regarding both their movement and their unique "abilities". (for example : the angular speed of the rotating laser)

2. Gravity Vector Manipulation
This ability sounds a little bit more complex but it is quite simply in reality. With this ability you can manipulate the direction of the gravity of the blocks and thus, instead of things only fall down they can "fall" in 6 directions.

There are a few blocks that you are familiar with from Portal : simple blocks, lasers, but I added as much unique ones as I could think of.

  • Block : simple box.
  • Laser : simple block that shoots laser in a direction.
  • Rotating laser : a laser that rotates around the Z axis.
  • Laser redirecter : kinda the one in Portal, in case it shot by a laser, it redirects the laser in another direction
  • Destructable block : a simple box except that it is destroyed by lasers.
  • Battery : a block that can be charged and then used to activate an input for a certain amount of time
  • Color block : a block that constantly changes color if it is next to a color changer (7 colors). Can be used to activate an input that requires a certain color.
  • UV block : hidden texts can be revealed by placing it close to them.
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