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You are the moon of this blue planet and you hate the guys living there and for some reason, they hate you too. This is a little game where you bash the crap out of the planet and its people! Don't worry, they had it coming.


  • Non-stop fast action
  • Full Controller support
  • Original hard rock soundtrack
  • High levels of orbital destruction
  • 5 types of enemies seeking to destroy you
  • Powerups to help you in the fight of planetary destruction
  • Fashionable lunar hats to give you special bonuses and powerups
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Go and pre-heat your oven to 375°
because this is going to be a tasty update!

Greetings garlic bread lovers,

In this update we are proud to honor the latest and most tasty Crypto currency around, Garlic Coin! You can now get a special hat skin to up your fashion to infinity. Just type in the secret code on the main menu to activate it!


Difficulty update

After a few months of play testing and keeping a close eye on the leader boards it was obvious the game was too easy. We have upped the difficulty in several ways to give players a greater sense of pride and accomplishment for getting high scores! Don’t worry, no micro transactions! with this update there will be a reset of the high-scores to test this new difficulty.

  • Controls now move the moon with less force meaning you'll take a few extra seconds to reach maximum speed.
  • The planet people have added special moon melting focusing crystals to the laser which will cause it to slice through you like cheese. Watch out!
  • UFOs are now bigger and kill you in one hit. But they are also a little slower to compensate for the added payload they carry.
  • Enemy waves will last a bit longer making you face more rockets, tanks, and UFOs
  • Consecutive revives are now harder to achieve.
  • Less health and power-up drops

We are always looking for feedback on the game mechanics, difficulty, skills, and anything at all! If you have any suggestions, Feedback, or ideas please hop on discord and let us know! Here are some screenshots showing the extra enemies:

1 3 0 1 meteors

1 3 0 1 rockets

1 3 0 1 lasers

1 3 0 1 death 02

1 3 0 1 ufos

1 3 0 1 special

UCSD’s Winter GameFest


We will be showcasing Planet Bash at UCSD’s LaJolla, California campus on February 17th and 18th! If you’re in So Cal come on out for this free event. There will be tons of big name sponsors such as Razer, Blizzard, Tespa, MSI and more! There will also be tons of prizes, giveaways, and tournaments.

For more info check their Facebook here

Bug Fixes and Additions

  • Fixed some bugs that were left in from last update
  • Added some bugs that will (hopefully) be fixed in the next update

Community Discord

Our Public Community Discord is the best place to keep up to date on all the news and to suggest things you would like to see added to Planet Bash! You can also find more info using the following links:

Steam: Planet Bash Steam Page
Twitter: Big Red Planet
Our Websute: Big Red Planet Games

Discord text 2

Planet Bash available on Steam Early Access

Planet Bash available on Steam Early Access

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Save the environment and get rid of those pesky humans, bash and destroy their buildings to bring peace to Earth.

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