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Star Valor is a Space Action RPG game where you are in control of your own spaceship, with a vast galaxy to explore, mine, quest, trade, fight and even craft your own weapons. You have many different ways to build your ship and stand out in this living space, where every action counts for making a good (or bad) impression towards each faction. Start small, improve, complete missions, gather allies (or hire mercenaries), grow big and powerful.

Current Features

  • Open World exploration on a procedural galaxy
  • Dynamic and easy to learn combat system
  • Craft your own weapons
  • 100+ different equipment to use in your ship
  • 30+ spaceship models
  • Chose new abilities as you level up
  • Story and procedural quest system
  • 7 factions to interact with
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Update 1.2.6


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Update 1.2.6 is now LIVE, check out the new features:

  • AI ships may now spawn with an escort or in groups, after level 10.
  • Weapon slots now have tooltips showing weapons installed on the turret and the gunner manning it, when available.
  • Upgraded spotlight now has increased light intensity and range.
  • Friendly Fire now also affects normal collision damage (not only Red Skull ship's melee weapons).
  • Activated Equipment (refinery, auto repair, nitro cooling, etc.) no longer reset when the ship is updated somehow, unless you are docked in a station.
  • Allied factions will now properly attack each other in the Arena.
  • Weapon tooltip now properly accounts critical damage bonus on DPS calculation.
  • Fixed some gunner bonuses not applying when changing gunner seats.
  • Fixed timed fuse weapons not receiving range bonuses.
  • Removed "Alpha" from numeric key binds on equipment (Example: "Alpha5" is now only "5").
  • Fixed VSync turning off when restarting the game or changing target framerate.
  • Marauders no longer hit each other when friendly fire is off.
  • Hunter Fleets will now try to stay on their targets instead of wandering around.
Patch 1.0.8

Patch 1.0.8


BIG Patch - 1.0.8 - 28/Sep/2018 Lots of new ships, special abilities for Syndicate, tutorial remake, AI improvements and more.

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