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Plagued is a top down survival game after a plague has taken out 98% of the population. You are in that 2%, and you have only your guns, and your wits to survive the apocalypse. Single player in beta, and tests have begun with multiplayer. Fight alongside your friends on new maps coming out every week. We're looking to release on Greenlight in January, and we need some support from you guys, so check us out on twitter @plaguedgame and on our website www.cyberwirestudios.com

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Plagued Update 0.5.0


After A LOT of hard work, 0.0.5 is here, and with it comes a lot of cool things

-A start menu(finally)
-A pause menu(finally also)
-New UI design
-Huge Forests
-Dirt roads
-A gun machine!
-Many more guns(Snipers, pistols, light and heavy machine guns, etc.)
-A points system
-And A LOT of bug fixes:)

More and more things are being added each day, with huge zombies planned and many more maps. I'm working on co-op multiplayer which will be ready for release in about a month! If you are willing to beta test Plagued, contact jafioti@gmail.com

Plagued 0.1.0

Plagued 0.1.0


We've finally reached alpha! It came with a wave of new updates, including a gun machine!

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