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Pinewood Valley is a Single Player, First-Person Open World Horror. Set in 2006, you play a young male who returns to his hometown and finds the whole town has vanished or being killed by a group of unknown killers. You must Run, Hide or Fight to uncover what happened in Pinewood Valley.

Open World: This game is open world, almost every building is explorable and highly detailed, Expect 5-8 hours of gameplay, where you will face new threats & familiar along the way.

Encounter Survivors: Your not the only one trying to survive in the Town, meet and interact with NPCs along the way who are trying to make it out alive.

Killer Line-up: Encounter many different killers throughout the story, each of them unique, but with the same driven goal; to kill you.

Run, Hide or Fight: Play your way, Running is the safest way to escape the terrifying killers, Hiding is your best shot in tight areas, but you have options in Pinewood Valley, enemies can be killed, some are tougher and harder to kill, but possible.

Weapons: Various weapons will be at your disposal to fend off hostiles. These include a Knife, Baseball

Bat, an Axe and Guns, to name but a few.

Demo Coming: March 22/3/2023

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