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Perang Laut Maritime Warfare is strategy game based on history of maritime kingdom/sultanate in The Malay Archipelago such Majapahit, Srivijaya, Macassar, Aceh, Ternate, Tidore, and many more. In this game, many kingdoms and sultanate will try to expand the territory either in historical way or normal expansion. With map scretch from Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo, South Mindanao, Celebes, Java, Lesser Sunda Island, Maluku, and Papua, player can expand the territory in many place and monopolizing the unique resource such cloves, nutmeg, sandalwood, gold, diamond, and many more!


In this game, there are 2 campaigns: Normal and Portuguese 1512 AD. Portuguese 1512 AD is historical campaign and there are 1 special factions which playable, Sultanate of Demak.

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Long time ago, AGI, the Indonesian Game Developer Association offer free booth for many indie developers and Sengkala got chance to show their games in public in 8-9 July 2018. This is first time Sengkala Dev go to public but we realized many things which we don't fell before.

IGX mostl;y show many AAA games and games hardware companies which made not only Sengkala Dev , but also most of indie dev's presence very low. Although their are many visitors come to indie booth, we don't get many peoples since our booth very plain. Also the expo place very far in North Jakarta and made return trip very long.


in 2017, there are Freegalaktus competition by Polish pubsliher . There are two winners :from judges and voting.

Sengkala Dev got lot back from game director almamater, Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia and got chance to become finalist. But unfortunately, we forgot to sent the file to judges. Really big mistake..




Perang Laut - Maritime Warfare choosed as finalist in Increfest 2019!

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Perang Laut Maritime Warfare

Perang Laut Maritime Warfare


This is demo of Perang Laut Martime Warfare with Majapahit as one playable faction in this games. For play all factions

SengkalaDev Creator

thank you

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Great stuff!

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