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Ourana's Realm is an voxel-based open-world RPG adventure in the sky. Explore randomly-generated floating islands and fight slimes.

The game is still in its very early stages, with very little features added to it. By posting here I'm hoping to get some feedback on things like visuals and gameplay as I work on the game. Speaking of which, if you have something to say about how the game looks please leave a comment!

Large planned features for the future:

  • Bigger worlds, bigger islands
  • Villages, NPC citizens, and quests
  • Dungeons and bosses
  • More enemies
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Version 0.2 is here! The first big feature is the inventory.

2019 04 06 17 39 32

The inventory can be opened with TAB. There are two items there for now, and each one can be picked up and moved around. You can equip items by right-clicking them.

Secondly, there's a new player model!

2019 04 06 17 38 47

There's the new model while the knight's helmet is equipped.

Finally, a loading screen was also added.

2019 04 06 17 39 51

Although it's pretty basic, it gives good feedback while the game is setting up.

Some other small features were also added, and performance was greatly improved. You can play v0.2 here: Indiedb.com

First public alpha released!

First public alpha released!


Not much to say about this, but it's the first public release of the game. It's still in very early-alpha.

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Early alpha v0.2.0

Early alpha v0.2.0

Full Version

Alpha version 0.2.0. This version adds an inventory, new player models, and a loading screen. See the description for full patch notes.

Early alpha v0.1.0

Early alpha v0.1.0

Full Version 2 comments

An very early-alpha release. There's not much to do in this version, but it is pretty fun to explore the randomly-generated islands. Press "Read more...

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