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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Open It is an open source game that anyone, including you, can add to. Whether you're new to programming or an avid coder, you can still contribute to this project. The main idea for the game is a Terraria-like game, a cross between a hack 'n' slash game and an adventure game. The monsters are very 'creative' but you can change the way they look with texture packs or mods. You will start off in a small sheltered area with limited supplies, including a bed and a few torches. The rest? That's up to you.

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Today I've been working on the main part of Open It - the physics engine. It basically decided whether a player should fall through a block, whether a block should fall, whether a block can fall through a block.I'm also working out whether I will create a modding program or whether I will just allow people to edit the source and then upload whatever file they changed...Anyway, other than that everything is fine at the moment and some images/videos should be up soon. I may make a pre-alpha version which will allow people to get a feel for the game and how it works, and possibly even to make some simple mods.
As of just now, I have disabled public entry to the images, videos, downloads and mods sections - please message me first and I will upload them on your behalf, giving you credit in the description. YouTube Let's Plays are currently not permitted, but in the alpha version it will be allowed for you to upload 10-minute or shorter gameplays to social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook.
I am also looking for a non-paid programmer that is fluent in C++ to make the main part of the game. Most of the artwork will be non-detailed placeholders until I can get a proper artist in, but that isn't my main focus just now. If you would like to apply, send me an email.


Love the concept. I only wish I wasn't such a newbie programmer so I could actually be of some assistance!

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