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Human phobias have awoken in this dark roguelike shooter One by One! Collect powerful artifacts and descend into random dungeons full of monsters and huge boss fights. Use your soul — an ultimate weapon that uncovers enemy weaknesses.

Steam: Store.steampowered.com

[DEMO] Game link: Cozystorm.itch.io

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Welcome, adventurer!

Have you heard rumors of a weapon, as strong as the heat of a human heart?
This flamethrower is by far the best area-of-effect weapon we've ever encountered. Just find and power it with your passion, it would melt through any monster, let them be one or many! Furthermore, burnt enemies would suffer from fire, even if they somehow escape from you.


Are you a keyboard fan or a gamepad enjoyer? Does not really matter. The game is now fully playable any device*. You can even use both at the same time, but why would you do that?
We know that playing shooters on a gamepad is not so easy, but we got you covered, because by default aim assist will help you deal with aiming.

aim assist

*Banana-powered input is not supported at the moment.

News from the full version of the game

Mysterious labs appeared in the Factory. Here, robo-scientists and their deadly bodyguards are creating weapons from life forms.

robot lab opt

Someone tried to excavate those crystals, and even prepared a package. Why had it been left here?
Is it radioactive?

crystal powder

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Top-down roguelike shooter [Major update]

Top-down roguelike shooter [Major update]


Fight the Guardian, find new artifacts and companions in a completely new dungeon with new encounters!

Devlog #1 - Robot factory, Artifacts

Devlog #1 - Robot factory, Artifacts


Demo release, minimap design, new artifacts, and a new enemy!

Play now: One by One

Play now: One by One


Demo of One by One is available now! Descend into random dungeons and beat the boss of Chapter 1 — the dreaded mountain lord "The Guardian".

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