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A dark, dystopian future... Humans are no longer masters on earth, and have to fight a new breed of intelligent zombie aliens to not go extinct. Human factions also fight amongst themselves for the few resources that exist. Escape your homeworld and travel the galaxy in search for a safe place to call home. Because everyone is fed up with zombies! Oh, and also you have lost your memory.

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No. More. ZOMBIES!

A dark, dystopian future, where you struggle to avoid extinction by zombiecide.

Escape your home planet and find a safe place to call home.

A place with no... No. More. ZOMBIES!


Gather resources, go on quests, and upgrade your weapons and equipment to some day strike back with a vengeance!

Some more screenshot (beware: very early WIP and not wholly representative of the final product!)

Destructible terrain


Varied environments

You and what army...

You are not helpless...

Varied environments

Thanks to the wonderful artists at OpenGameArt.org for the amazing sprites used in these screenshots! Marines: Tatermand Tanks: Bleed

Feedback? Twitter: @kodingnights

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