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What is Pandemic Train?

In Pandemic Train you are in charge of the crew aboard a train roaming the postapocalyptic wasteland, ravaged by both war and a deadly plague. Your goal is to survive long enough to discover the cure… or die trying. Humanity’s fate is in your hands! Start your journey now!

You are in charge!

Pandemic Train is a survival simulation game in which you manage the crew as well as the passengers aboard the old school train carried by a steam engine. The in-game universe is characterized by an alternative timeline, in which a catastrophic viral outbreak has decimated the world’s population. The mysterious plague kills the infected within 24 hours, leading to widespread panic, riots, and war. The world is in ruin, and you are the only hope for its survival. Travel through the wasteland, gather the resources, fight off the bandits, and do your best to research the cure for the disease!

you are in charge s


In Pandemic Train the world has become a very inhospitable place. Every person can carry the disease, so you have to choose your crew very wisely. People will die along the way, and you have to minimalize the damage. The resources are scarce, so you have to distribute them very carefully. And worst of all - there are lots of hungry wolves around. And by ‘hungry wolves’ we mean desperate people who perceive your train as a fat prize. Or sometimes - as an opportunity for a better life. You have to decide whether it’s better to fight them off or welcome aboard.

Manage the resources

In the harsh reality of Pandemic Train, you need to be self-sufficient - you grow your own food, breed the livestock, gather and purify your own drinking water, and do the essential repairs. You have to utilize every bit of scrap or junk you have at your disposal and turn it into something useful. This often leads to some difficult decisions, for example - rarely there’s enough medicine for everyone, so you’ll have to decide who is worth the treatment, and who is going be left to die.

Fight the plague!

The main goal of your actions is to create a vaccine and save the remnants of humanity from extinction. The longer you manage to keep the train moving, the less likely the crew will have the contact with the virus, and your scientists - more time to work on the medication. You can customize the train to your needs - decide how many people are on it and how many train cars are going to be attached to the engine. But remember - the bigger the party, the harder it is to keep it in check. You are the only hope for mankind. You are the last hope… for humanity.

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Managing a train in the face of the end of the world is not the easiest thing to do. The responsibility of whether there is enough food, water or ammunition falls on you. Of course you don't have to do everything alone.

Introducing the staff:


At the beginning of the game your crew will consist of just a few survivors, but as the game progresses you will come across survivors who will be brave enough to join you to save humanity.

They will follow your every command. but...

In Pandemic Train, all the characters on the train have action points to use during the train ride.

All points are restored each time you return to the train, the ones you don't use are gone.

It is important that you always meet the needs of your crew. A hungry or thirsty worker may leave you, a sick or cold worker puts his life on the line.... Provide good living conditions for everyone, and you may be able to survive ... and save humanity!

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Until the next one!


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Let's talk Pandemic Train : Skills

Let's talk Pandemic Train : Skills


Trying to survive in the world of Pandemic Train we cross the map from location to location in our old school machine. The train is the most important...

Let's Talk about Pandemic Train : NPC's

Let's Talk about Pandemic Train : NPC's


In the world of Pandemic Train, you will meet many characters on your way. Some of them will be helpful, others will go against you.

Devlog 28 Let's talk Pandemic Train : The winner

Devlog 28 Let's talk Pandemic Train : The winner


How the victorious look of ammunition to collect after defeating the enemy presents itself in gameplay?

Let's talk Pandemic Train: Playable characters

Let's talk Pandemic Train: Playable characters


Ammo loot winner and concept art of our playable characters


Snowpiercer + This war of mine.Sounds interesting.Tracking^^

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