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Game Description

You play as a 17 year old boy who was desperate to get a job and finds himself an awful adventure. As your job you work as a cook at a local diner, and you as the player have to take out the trash in every night to finish up your shift. Each night has a different event as you play through the game. As each night goes on you'll eventually discover something in the sewers, and will uncover the secrets of the diner. What will you discover from these horrid times?

Key Features:

  • In game tutorial for new players
  • A very basic gameplay mechanic but also fun
  • A small interesting story
  • And very short game

About Me

I am a individual who is trying to achieve their dreams, and I have successfully achieved one out of many. I have always wanted to make video games ever since I was a kid, but during that time you had to either work at; a AAA studio or be a very smart, and skilled person in order to make games. As technology advanced and still does to this day everyone around the world has made things to help with the lack of knowledge on how to either: Programming, 3D Modeling, Sound Effects, and etc! This doesn't mean me as a game developer is using this as a clutch to make games, but rather a jump start on my adventure to become better at this, and be more skilled in the near future.

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Setting Up A Giveaway!


Nightly Trash Logo

I am starting a giveaway within a week from now (April 7th 2023) that will start and you'll be able to enter. Only 25 people can get a steam key for the game!

Feel free to take the time to check it out here!

While your waiting feel free to check out my game on other platforms!




Want more updates in the future?


My discord server

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Nightly Trash is on Steam & more!

Nightly Trash is on Steam & more!


Nightly Trash is on Steam, after a long waiting review from valve themselves it is officially approved! Go Wishlist it now!

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