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This is a new Naruto based MMO in development. We have been progressing well and would like to see some people recognise and see our work. We have some nice models with good textures so come on and check it out :)

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News 4 comments

Hey people,

Today I present to you a few models we have and would like you to see :)

Konoha Headband:

Character with Sasuke Head:

Tobi Mask:

Kakashi Hair:

Anyway, that's it for now guys. Will keep you more updated on game progress as we go. We will be releasing "Naruto Realm: Demo 2" Very soon so keep watch over on our forum.


Sand Village

Sand Village

News 2 comments

Some awesome previews of our fully 3D rendered Sand Village. Enjoy!




Just some nice previews of weaponry that will most likely be used in alpha. Enjoy!

Cloud Village

Cloud Village


Hey guys at the moment we have the cloud village fully 3D rendered and complete!

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KingKage - - 47 comments

Hi, I'm Avid, creator of a new Naruto inspired game called Kage : Rise. Kage is growing and we need Anbu! Constantly updated according to player input and features awesome RP, PVE and PVP combat among other things. Fan the hub and check out the game! Bit.ly

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Jiu42 - - 14 comments

Look at new MMORPG called Shinobi World Indiedb.com

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celuis - - 82 comments

so whats happening any more progress? and is there a new forum up and running?

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teampo2 - - 2 comments

the new forum of the project is shinobirealm . org /forums

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Guest - - 699,656 comments

Is ths game dead ?

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.Skyde. - - 25 comments

TRACKING good idea!

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JJ3217 - - 56 comments

great thanks someone s making a naruto for pc

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dragonwa12 - - 9 comments

How would the chakra system work

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prsn58 Creator
prsn58 - - 6 comments

Not to sure yet will get back to you though

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Volumed - - 169 comments

Oh, look a other naruto MMO in development and for Unity the originality!
Sorry for the the negative comment, but this were my first thoughts.
I still wish you guys goodluck and that a Naruto sandbox game is maybe considered.

Tip: I love it when projects write their work out, all the game information how everything is going to be handled original ideas everything in the last details that is what makes a good project a roadmap not some models and textures.

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We have moved our forum to a new one ! Go to Shinobirealms.forumotion.com

Mar 1 2013

To all Naruto Realm fans don't go to our forum it will be reshaped to be better and more atttractive

Nov 24 2012

We began making and texturing weapons! Here's a starter T.co

Nov 15 2012

We have the Sand Village's 3D rendering up and ready :) T.co

Oct 8 2012

Another view of the office T.co

Aug 17 2012

Mizukage's office is being worked on guys =) T.co

Aug 17 2012

Here another view of the Mist at night T.co

Aug 13 2012

Night cycle is implemented and now enjoy the Mist Village at night :) T.co

Aug 13 2012