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  • Game development theme in indie startup.
  • Turn-base tactic with unique characters.
  • Violence is often simple but not always the best option.
  • Multiplayer without the direct negative interaction with other players.

MonsterSoft is a game development company that hires only monsters. After personnel reduction, the new CEO appears with a goal to create the game that will knock off the competition. The problem is that he has no idea how to make it... .

No one said that game creation is an easy task, so hire new employees, kill humans that will appear on your path, and survive in the harsh world of monsters. Your final deadline is B3 Conference in the next few months, so no pressure.

Choose your dream team from a wide variety of monsters: zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc.

Each of them has a unique skill-set to kill humans efficiently, scare them off, or follow them till they die from exhaustion.

Invade humans residences with other monsters and check who will get the title of the Employee of the month. Plan your actions carefully and kill humans faster than your coworkers in this rat race. Monster association forbids fights between monsters, but who said that you can't do it indirectly?

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Watch our update trailer!

Hello everyone,
We’re here to announce another milestone in our development of MonsterSoft.

The game is available on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Here’s what’s new…
- 3 new missions
- New playable character
- Humans can now use barricades and boosters
- Turrets as a new defensive system
- Armor as a way of reducing physical damage
- Skin for phone

- Vampire Suck Blood skill won't add additional energy after interruption
- Vampire Hypnosis skill will calculate distance correctly
- Retrospection mode displays progress
- Locked doors marker will be visible by default the whole time
- Enemies will be presented even in situations when they hide instantly
- Empty slot after crafting won't be selected
- Hidden characters will stay hidden after the presentation
- Alien's Teleportation skill can be used from the game start
- Spiders in Haunted House will now always scare people
- Interrupted attack won't extend enemies turn
- Negative effects will be applied only once after game load
- Alien's Abduction skill will present victims health bar and will deal 2 Sanity
- Vampire Blood Localization skill won't block other environmental skills
- Not searchable WC in multiplayer

- New sound on UI locks
- Locked doors will affect humans behavior
- Monsters won't stand in the same spot as other monsters
- Hover button animation for interactive options
- Events in multiplayer won't end
- Humans will react to other humans dead bodies

Thank you for playing! If you find any bugs, mistakes, or oddities - PLEASE let us know here on
Steam, or on our official Discord (link below).
The best way is to record your gameplay or take screenshots of encountered unwanted
circumstances and filthy bugs :)

Our little gallery:






Join our channels:
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New content and updates will come sooner than later...
Stay tuned.

MonsterSoft launched on Steam in EA + Free Keys

MonsterSoft launched on Steam in EA + Free Keys

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We've waited long for this day - MonsterSoft premiere! MonsterSoft is a tactical turned-based game about game development. Now everything is set and accessible...

MonsterSoft - Announced

MonsterSoft - Announced


Manage a game-dev company where your only employees are skillful monsters in this turn-based game. Destroy humans in your free time.

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