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Voxel Tycoon - a tycoon strategy game about transportation, factories, and mining in beautiful voxel landscapes.

Inspired by the most notable transport games in history, expanded with all-new features never before seen in the genre.

Trains and Rail Networks

Rent or buy rail equipment, choosing from dozens of available locomotives and railcars. Couple up consists in any combination, just the way you like, with no limits - provided the locomotives can pull it!

Plan detailed, sophisticated rail networks with vast modular terminals and flexible scheduling. Free-form bridging and tunneling, along with a full signaling system, allow you complete freedom to build and expand your business.

Not By Rail Alone

Use trucks and buses to move passengers and cargo short distances. Take commuters around busy city streets, making connections at train stations for long distance travel, or deliver goods by truck from a rail terminal directly to consumers for extra profit.

More to Come!

We are committed to adding more features and modes of transport during Early Access, such as ships and aircraft, and infrastructure to accommodate them. Other features will also be added for existing modes, including something never seen before in a tycoon game: fully functional railway shunting yards!

Mining and Processing

Automate surface and underground mining with open pits or mine shafts, then process the raw materials using crushers, furnaces, refineries and other machinery.

Renewable resources, like forestry and water, are also subjects of interest.

Manage Local Logistics

Complex production chains require complex logistics! Design unique factories of your very own by connecting machinery, buildings and storage facilities with conveyor belts and pipe networks.

Don't forget that your factories will need energy to operate, too! This can be supplied by building generating stations and power lines, or simply connecting to local utilities and purchasing electricity.

Research New Technologies

Fund and supply research of new technologies, unlocking new buildings, blueprints and vehicles, or upgrades for existing ones.

Infinite World

Explore an unlimited, procedurally-generated world filled with unique biomes and stunning vistas. Prospect for rare resources and opportunities, and find new cities to develop.

The world is endless, so you’ll never run out of space. And space isn't just on the surface - you can explore, dig through (or just blow up) every single voxel, all the way down to bedrock.

For the most successful tycoons, we include full-featured terraforming: turn the world into exactly what you want, all according to your perfect plan!

Supply Cities' Needs

Every city has its own needs, which you can fulfill to kick-start growth. The bigger a city gets, the more consumers and passengers move in, meaning more potential profit!

Growth of a city doesn't simply increase the quantity of goods required - higher stages of development will move away from the basics, requiring more complex and expensive products.

Passengers are Important, Too!

Don’t just focus all of your efforts on freight - people have destinations to get to as well! Manage passenger flow between cities, and don't forget to treat them with care - different passengers are all heading to different places, and have different comfort preferences.

Moddable from Day One

Voxel Tycoon is developed with rich extensibility in mind. A lot of aspects can be modded: from changing existing config files to adding new vehicles and buildings, to writing custom logic using our C# API.

Workshop Support

We support Steam Workshop as the easiest way to deliver plenty of community made mods to you.

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